15 September 2011

SMK Volume I

I've been doing a lot of brainstorming lately... trying to come up with fresh, fun, and interesting blog ideas! It's hard to find new stuff to blog about when your life is (more than likely) a bit boring to most, as I'm sure mine can be the majority of the time.

During a recent brainstorming session, I started thinking about what others enjoy blogging about and what other bloggers might find interesting. For whatever reason... one thought led to another and then another and then another... and then I was thinking about Barstool Sports... which led me to think about StoolLaLa... which led me to remember the hilarious chick (Jenna Marbles) that wrote the blogs for StoolLaLa. Aren't familiar? Please do check out one of her many videos here. My suggestions: How To Avoid Talking To People You Don't Want To Talk To and When The Face Doesn't Work.

Anywho.... A few "brain chains" ago, somewhere between Barstool and StoolLaLa... I remembered that El Prez frequently posted polls with the classic FMK question. I'm sure you have all seen/heard/been asked the FMK question at some point. So, I decided it might be fun if every week (I'm trying to be optimistic here...) or every other week... I will post a poll asking the age old question... FMK about a 3 well-known men. Guys always get to have fun playing FMK regarding the ladies.... so why can't we have fun playing the game regarding the fellas!? Sound like fun? Great!

I am going to be user-friendly here... and instead of asking FMK... I will politely ask SCREW, MARRY, KILL instead. :)

Without further ado....

SMK Volume 1

Jude Law, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg   
You gotta screw one, marry one, kill one.

My Picks

Screw - Jude Law
Marry - Mark Wahlberg
Kill - Matt Damon

Jude Law is absolutely beautiful but he has proven to the world that he isn't trustworthy... not marriage material. SCREW.

Mark Wahlberg is the complete package... super successful, funny, laid back, and he has proven he isn't afraid of commitment (he's been with his wife since 2001) & have you seen that body? Enough said. MARRY.

Matt Damon is a good looking guy... but he isn't anything spectacular... he seems to be bit too quiet and reserved... he's all business and no play... I need a man that knows how to be silly and get in trouble sometimes. Sorry Matt, KILL.


  1. I love this!!!
    My Picks:

    Screw - Mark Wahlberg <- gorgeous!!!! ::swoon::
    Marry - Matt Damon <- cute/sweet/perfection
    Kill - Jude Law <- no attraction to me AT ALL

  2. I love this!!! You must do this every week!!! In fact, I think you should start a link up for it! I'd join in! I would marry Mark... have you seen those abs?!?!

  3. I totally agree on turning this into a link-up! It would be awesomeeeeee :-)

  4. i loveee jenna marbles!! my personal fav video is how to trick people into thinking youre hot. its hysterical :)