September 22, 2011


George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck

Screw one.
Marry one.
Kill one.

Screw - George Clooney
Marry - Ben Affleck
Kill - Brad Pitt

George Clooney - Screw

As much as I think he'd make a great husband, lets be honest here. George is not marrying anyone. Even if he were to eventually pop the question, do I really want to marry a man who has been anti-commitment in the past? He does seem sweet, though. 

Ben Affleck - Marry

This seems like a hypocritical choice, considering I killed Matt Damon last week and they basically the same person. But, given my choices this week -- he's the best option. I know he makes beautiful babies. So, yeah, I guess I'd marry Ben. Especially Pearl Harbor Ben.

Brad Pitt - Kill

Yes. Kill, kill, kill. I'll admit that Brad is easy on the eyes, with that strong jaw of his and stunning blue eyes. It pretty much goes against the laws of nature to suggest killing such a thing, but he really gets on my nerves. It's like he tries to make himself appear ugly, in an attempt to prove that he doesn't care about such superficial things like appearances. You care, Brad, you care. Plus, cheating on Jennifer Aniston with someone like Angelina Jolie makes you a weak, weak man. And when things come down to survival of the fittest, the weak men are the first to go.

Last week's majority vote: 

Kill Jude Law

Marry Matt Damon
Screw Mark Wahlberg


  1. I would definitely marry Ben A. He's married to my girl Jen! She use to live like 45 minutes away from me and her parents still do! Um... sorry Brad you're doing down!

  2. Screw - Brad Pitt (hot. no other reason)
    Marry - Ben Affleck (cutie, faithful, good dad)
    Kill - George Clooney (ick, I no like him)

  3. I love this idea! I voted on your first one (OMG I LOVE YOU MATT DAMON) and this one. I "killed" George Cloney - IDK why but I have never found him attractive. Love this fun idea.


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