I have a confession to make: Jane Doe is not my real name. You're probably thinking, "yeah, no kidding". But, truthfully, it might as well be. According to the website howmanyofme.com, I share my first and name with 10,575 others in the United States. And, a Google search of my name yields 349 million results.

It's easy to feel lost in that sea.

As a teenager, I hated my name. It was so common that it made me feel boring and average. In time, I came to realize and understand that even though I have a common name, no one on earth is "average". We all have unique qualities that make us different and special, and that includes me. In 2009, I created this blog to share those unique qualities, personal thoughts, and interests with the rest of the world.

Life as Jane Doe has grown and evolved along with me over the years. Today, it's centered mostly around my love of books. I read approximately 200 books a year, and I love to share my thoughts on them with any (and every) one who will listen. And, hey, if I can lead other book lovers to discover new and interesting reads... EVEN BETTER.