May 13, 2020

BLOG TOUR: The Hunter by L.J. Shen

THE HUNTER really surprised me.
While Shen's writing is as clever and addictive as ever, it took a while for me to warm up to Hunter. Initially, I was not a fan.

"He was fearless, and a rebel, and a sinner, and a saint. 

A prince who'd never wanted his title. A pure-hearted rake."

The story begins with Hunter knee deep in debauchery from the jump. And, it's shockingly gross debauchery at that. I'll just say that it involves a sex tape of a very public orgy and keep it at that.

Hunter is completely different from the heros that I'm used to seeing from Shen.
He's a manwhore with a potty mouth and can turn anything into a sexual innuendo. He has zero shame and gives zero f*cks.

But... he does have his moments.
He's funny and flirtatious. He's kind and charismatic. He can be completely charming when he wants to be. And, let us not forget that he is f-i-n-e, finnnneeee.

He is Sebastian from Cruel Intentions (minus the stoicism). He is Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl (without the snobbery). He is Wade from Hart of Dixie (but replace the southern accent with one from Boston). He is John Tucker from John Tucker Must Die (but a hundred times filthier). 

Despite Hunter's arrogance and gross sexual habits, he grew on me and I had fun watching his character grow and develop. 

The thing I really love about L.J. Shen is the way she intertwines her series and connects the lives of all of her characters.

Boston Belles is about the Fitzpatrick family. 
Hunter Fitzpatrick is friends with the guys featured in All Saints HighAll Saints High is centered around the children of the characters from Sinners of Saint. The cherry on top -- The Hunter is about Sailor, the daughter of Troy and Sparrow (from Shen's standalone novel, Sparrow).

There are a few brief cameos of Knight, Vaughn, and Luna, but don't expect to see much of them. Vaughn's only appearance is in the very first chapter. Although, Troy and Sparrow do have a solid showing, and it was awesome to catch a glimpse of the Brennan family dynamic.

To put it plainly, I love this book because it was written by L.J. Shen. She is one of my absolute favorite authors (at the very least, she's one of my top three), so you will be hard pressed to hear me utter a negative word about her.

THE HUNTER is an extremely well-written, funny, and a delightful read. However, there's very little romance and it wasn't my favorite.



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