June 27, 2019

COVER REVEAL: The Obsession by Nikki Sloane

I've been patiently impatiently waiting for the release of The Obsession by Nikki Sloane from the moment I finished The Initiation.

GREAT news! I won't have to wait too much longer because the book is scheduled for release on August 13th. HALE YES!

Filthy Rich American series by Nikki Sloane


The Hale family is obsessed with status, power, and control. No problem is too big their money can’t solve.
Royce Hale manipulated me into giving him everything. My virginity. My hand in marriage. My heart. And as soon as he got what he wanted, he callously sold me off for a cool ten million.
In the boardroom and the twisted game his family plays, he says the only rule is to win at all costs. Yesterday I learned a painful lesson not to trust the prince of Cape Hill. Today I’ll destroy his carefully laid plans and show him just how badly he’s already lost.
All the money in the world won’t be able to stop me.
The Obsession is the second book of the Filthy Rich Americans series. You can read my review of The Initiation >>> here.
Pre-order your copy today:
Amazon Universal – http://mybook.to/theobsession
If you aren't familiar with Nikki Sloane, you are truly missing out! I suggest The Blindfold Series as a fabulous place to begin your acquaintance.

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