June 4, 2012

REVIEW: This Song Is Sick & G-Eazy

Don't you love to find new songs that you can't get enough of? Or don't you love finding songs that you love and the radio never plays them out?  

I do! I thought I'd share this great site I came across a few months ago called
 This Song is Sick.

This Song is Sick was started by Nick Guarino, a guy who loves music and loves introducing people to new music. He's the kind of guy who always made the best mixed tapes, and now he's created a website to help expand musical tastes beyond mainstream radio throughout the world. 

His site showcases underground musicians. He features artists on the brink of discovery, artists who are about to make it big. You wouldn't believe how much unheard music exists out there. Music that is freely distributed. And, Guarino brings it straight to you via this website.

The majority of the music featured on the site really IS sick. I've discovered so many artists that I immediately fell in love with. Just knowing the music won't be played out on the radio tomorrow is an added bonus.

Can I get an amen?

When you have some time, you should really check it out. I spend ridiculous amounts of time on there. Guarino always links free downloads of the songs that are showcased, directly from the artists. Always legal and freely distributed

My favorite artist I've discovered thru This Song Is Sick is a rapper named G-Eazy. This guy is AMAZING, and sounds unlike anybody else out there right now. You can download his albums straight from his website, g-eazy.com. He lets you decide how much to pay for downloads of his music. I've paid $20 for each of his albums, simply because I love his music that much.

He ain't too bad to look at either. 

(via thissongissick.com)

(via donutsandmilk.com)

G-Eazy's vibe is hip-hop meets James Dean. He's opened for artists like Lil' Wayne, Drake, and Big Sean. He's not the typical white rapper, so don't be misled. Meaning, he's not a wannabe gangster. He's been offered to join big name labels, but he's passed on a few because he refuses to "compromise his sound." I respect that. I doubt he needs the label to make it big anyway.

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