December 13, 2011

BIRCHBOX REVIEW - December 2011

I realize I didn't post about November's Birchbox, but there wasn't anything especially great about it. I honestly don't even remember everything that was in it except for Kerastase Elixir (which works well to tame my messy locks but not quite worth $54.)

Disclaimer - I am NOT affiliated with Birchbox (or any of the product brands featured in this post). I have not received compensation for this post in any form (monetary, or otherwise). I pay for my subscription, and the opinions voiced on this blog are strictly my own.

Now, on to the good stuff: my December box:

Birchbox December 2011 Samples

1. Harvey Prince Ageless (Pink Grapefruit)
2. Orofluido Elixir
3. Benefit The POREfessional
4. Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss

#5 and #6 were extra samples -

5. EBOOST Orange Natural Energy Booster
6. Show Stopper Double Sided Tape


#1 - The Ageless perfume smells fruity and feminine without being overpowering. It was created with ingredients that counteract the scents of aging, so I'm not really sure why they sent it to me (unless they consider a 30-year-old old).
More importantly, what exactly are the scents of aging?

#2 - Orofluido Elixir smells BEYOND amazing. I cannot stop smelling my hair, which definitely looks pretty weird. This was also my favorite sample this month, but Birchbox can chill out with the hair serum now. I know, I know. My profile says that my hair is thick and coarse (aka nappy), but I've received enough serum samples to tame my nappiness down for the next 20 years.

#3 - I haven't used the POREfessional primer yet because I have the skin of a 16-year-old right now (and not in a good way). My face has been Breakout City, and I'm afraid to try anything that might possibly irritate it further. I am eager to try this product, although it might be a while.

#4 - I haven't used the Jouer either. Along with the plethora of serum samples, I've also been sent a ton of lip gloss in less than stellar shades.

#5 and #6 - 
As far as the extra samples, I couldn't care less about the double-sided tape (as I never wear anything that requires I use it), but I'll likely try out the EBOOST Orange Natural Energy Booster eventually. 

What did you receive from Birchbox this month?


  1. Birchbox? Tell me more! I like free things lol

  2. We also subscribe to Birchbox, but I received a couple of different things. I've heard great things about the Benefit Porefessional & wish that I had gotten that in my box. The Jouer lipgloss is actually alright...not too sticky & you can apply it sheer or build it up for more color. I'm with you though on the double sided tape -- when am I supposed to use that?!?! ;)

    Just came across your blog & we're now following! We'd love for you to visit ours sometime too. We have a new giveaway posting tonight, so be sure to enter!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. I got the pore professionals and I can't wait to try it!


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