04 November 2014

General Update

I thought I'd give you an update about everything going on in my life over the past couple of months, since its been forever since my last one.

My summer was crazy busy with weddings. I was a guest or a bridesmaid at five consecutive weddings this summer (as in, every weekend for five straight weeks!) I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding on the weekend of July 4th (just think of all the obligations that go along with that - the bridal luncheon, the bachelorette party, the hair appointments, the makeup appointments, etc. and trying to get around town in the holiday traffic was a nightmare). It was an EXHAUSTING month, but it was a lot of fun too.

Wedding #1 - James and Wendi
The festivities were held in  DeBordieu - a swanky golf community located near Pawleys Island. It was an outdoor wedding and the weather could not have been more perfect! EVERYTHING about the wedding (and the entire weekend, in general) was phenomenal

The view from my hotel room on Litchfield Beach

Wendi and James

Wendi is a news anchor. Can't you tell?

Wedding #2 - Matt and Tara
I already mentioned a bit about this one. 

Tara's coworkers threw her a beach themed bridal shower and I put together this little beach caddy. 

 bachelorette fun at the hotel
(We kept things low-key and rented out a room at a nearby hotel on the beach for a "staycation" bachelorette party!)

Me and Mrs. Harder

Wedding #3 - Jake and Andrea
Jake married his long-time love, Andrea, at North Beach Plantation in North Myrtle Beach. I didn't even know this monstrosity of a hotel existed and I live here. It is pretty secluded, and apparently... it's the best kept secret in town! 

IT'S CRAZY! This hotel looks like something you might find in Dubai... NOT NORTH MYRTLE BEACH. And, it's every bit as nice as it looks. If you are considering a wedding location at the beach, you should totally check it out. The catering during their cocktail hour was provided by the hotel's event staff, and everything tasted phenomenal. Mini Crab Cakes. Chicken Cordon Bleu. Coconut Shrimp. Exceptional

This is Jake from State Farm Bank of America.

and this is Jake's beautiful bride, Andrea.

In addition to the thousands of weddings I attended this summer, something else pretty great happened. My brother hosted an orphan from Latvia for six weeks. It was a really awesome experience for both my brother and his family, as well as "Fly Girl" (which is a nickname my brother called her due to her love of hip hop dance).

I cannot share her real name or any pictures (for legal reasons), but having her come stay with my brother was really great. She's an older orphan (and, I really hate using that word to refer to her) at 15, which was the perfect age for them. She was able to help out my sister-in-law with my younger nephew (3) and niece (6), and I think she really found pleasure out of feeling needed. She fit right in with their family, and everyone was sad to see her go.

In other news, I decided to get braces (again) and the orthodontist put them on back in August. It's been an adjustment, to say the least. They were extremely painful for the first two weeks, and I hated them so much. It felt like my teeth were sticking out of my mouth like a beaver. They just felt so foreign and strange. My gums and the inside of my cheeks were cut up like a sliced turkey. I wanted to just rip them right off my teeth half the time. 

Despite having spent a year with braces in the fifth grade, and another year when I was 19 (the third time's a charm, I promise), I do not remember my teeth being this sore. I don't know if the pain is actually worse, maybe because I'm older now, or if it's just all in my head? 

I lost 15 pounds during the first two weeks of having them because I couldn't eat anything but soup, mashed potatoes, or apple sauce. I've acclimated to the braces now, and they feel like any other part of me, but I've only been able to gain back five of the 15 pounds I initially lost because I won't eat anything that I can't eat with a fork. Initially, the orthodontist said I would need to wear them for an entire year, but he changed his tune last week. He now has doubts that I'll need to wear them even that long because he said my teeth were shifting back into place rather quickly. So, I'm seriously hoping he's right about that. Three months left and counting! YES.

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