04 November 2014

Playing Catch Up

I thought I'd post about everything going on in my life over the past few months since its been nearly a quarter of a century since the last time I did.

My summer was crazy busy with weddings. I think there was a total of five consecutive weddings. I was a bridesmaid in my friend Tara's wedding (& I'm sure I need not remind you of the many obligations that go along with that--the bridal showers, bachelorette party, hair, makeup, etc.), and my boyfriend Ashley was a groomsman in another. It was exhausting but a lot of fun too.

The first wedding was for James and Wendi. James is a good friend of Ashley's and he was a groomsman. The festivities were held at DeBordieu--a swanky golf community near Pawleys Island. It was an outdoor wedding and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. EVERYTHING about the wedding (and the weekend as a whole) was phenomenal. 

The view from our hotel room in Litchfield Beach

James & Wendi

Can you tell that Wendi is a news anchor?
She looks so polished and perfect! :)

A few weeks later, I was a bridesmaid in Tara's wedding. She got married the Saturday (which was also one day) before the 4th of July. The traffic was kinda nuts in Myrtle Beach, but everything was great other than that. 

Tara's coworkers hosted a "Beach Themed" & this is the caddy I put together. 

 Bachelorette Fun
(We kept it low-key and rented a room at a local hotel for a "stay-cation" bachelorette!)

Me & Mrs. Harder

Another wedding we attended this summer was for one of Ashley's coworkers, Jake. He and Andrea were married at North Beach Planation in North Myrtle Beach. It's wild because I live here and I didn't know this monstrosity of a hotel even existed because it's so secluded. 

CRAZY! It looks like it belongs in Dubai or something. I must say... it is every bit as nice as it looks. If you are debating about a wedding location here at the beach, you should check it out. The appetizers that were served during the cocktail hour were freaking delicious. Some of the best food I've ever tasted. NO JOKE. Mini crab cakes. Chicken Cordon bleu. Coconut shrimp. All of it. Exceptional

This is Jake from State Farm.

& this is his beautiful bride, Andrea.

In addition to the thousands of weddings over the summer., something else pretty awesome happened. My brother hosted an orphan from Latvia for six weeks. It was such an awesome experience for both my brother and his family and "Fly Girl" (which is the nickname my brother gave her because she's into hip hop dance).

I'm unable to post her real name or any pictures of her (for legal reasons and whatnot), but she was really great. She's an older orphan (although, I hate using that word to refer to her) at 15. She was the perfect age in my opinion though. She helped my sister-in-law out with my younger nephew (3) and niece (6) a lot, and I think that really made her feel needed. She fit right in with them, and I know my brother was really sad when she had to leave. 

In other news, I made the decision to get braces again and had them put on in August. It's been quite the adjustment... to say the least. They were extremely painful for the first week or two and I hated them so much. I felt like my teeth stuck out like a beaver. The braces felt so foreign and strange in my mouth. My gums and the inside of my cheeks were cut up like a turkey. I literally wanted to rip the braces off my teeth during that time. 

Even though I spent a year with braces on my teeth in the fifth grade, and again when I was 19 (third time's a charm, I promise), I don't remember my teeth being as sore as they have been this time around. Maybe they are more painful because I'm older now or maybe it's all in my head? I'm not sure.

I lost close to 15 pounds in two weeks because I couldn't eat anything but soup or mashed potatoes or apple sauce. I'm used to them and they feel like any other part of me now... but I've only gained five pounds back and I still don't eat anything I can't eat with a fork. Initially, the orthodontist told me I would need to wear them for a full year. But then at my appointment last week, he said my teeth are shifting back into place so quickly that he doubts I'll have to wear them that long. Three months down and counting! YES.

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