10 June 2013


I experienced something that sent my fight-or-flight response into overdrive this weekend.

Ashley and I went to see the movie Now You See Me on Friday. The movie was nearly over when strobe lights began flashing in the theater aisles. Seconds later, a recording came over the loudspeaker that repeated, "ALERT! An unexpected emergency has occurred in the building. PLEASE REMAIN CALM, locate the nearest exit, and evacuate the building as quickly as possible." 

I jumped up out of my seat, and I was out the nearest door in five seconds flat! I was already locked inside my car before Ashley made it out the building. In all seriousness, I was TERRIFIED. I've never felt the kind of adrenaline I experienced in those few moments before now. I could have easily ran 10 miles. And, I'm no runner.

As it turned out, it was not an emergency. Ashley walked over to the box office to get a ticket voucher and asked the employees what happened. Apparently, the alarm was the result of a teenager pulling the fire alarm. 

I would NOT have been terrified if the alarm had sounded like an actual FIRE alarm. This alarm only stated there was "an unexpected emergency" and asked us to remain calm. The only thing I could picture in my mind was that lunatic shooter in Colorado, which is such a shame. At least I know my fight-or-flight response is where it should be if a real emergency should ever occur. We just won't talk about the fact that it involves knocking over women and children, George Constanza style, in order to preserve my self. 


  1. I have a fear of this too! It's so not fair that one shooter made so many people scared of a normal weekend pastime.

  2. That's scary! Anytime those alarms go off in public places all I can think is STAMPEDE!

  3. Wow, you seriously knocked over people to get out, then ran to your car and LOCKED YOUR FRIEND OUT? That is just awful! With a friend like you your "friends" certainly won't need enemies. I just hope they never have to actually depend on you!

  4. A) I was obviously joking when I said I'd knock people over George Constanza-style.
    B) Ashley is my BOYFRIEND and I'm pretty sure he can take care of himself.
    C) While it's true that I was sitting in my car with the door locked before he made it outside, OF COURSE I unlocked the doors so he could get in the car (and we could leave) when he got there.

  5. deeterz I was with her that night and I can assure you she did none of this....she was making a joke about how fast she left the movie theater. I told her to go to the car and lock the doors till i got there. I went to make sure everything was ok and also got a refund for the movie. Don't take everything so serious, you must be so fun to be around!


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