19 March 2013

Heartbreak In My Community

My local community suffered a horrible tragedy this weekend, when a condominium complex caught fire and burned 26 buildings completely to the ground. Unfortunately, the weather conditions on Saturday were perfect for the fire to flourish. It was warm, with low humidity, and very windy. The weather made it very difficult to contain the fire once it started. Not only did many residents lose their home and everything in it, some also lost their beloved pets. The good news is that no fatalities or injuries have been reported, and all residents have been accounted for. That's nothing short of a miracle, considering how many homes were lost. Life can absolutely change in an instant.

I was so happy to see our community come together during this time of need. So many have rushed to the aid of those who have lost their homes and belongings. The response has come in the form of monetary donations, clothes, food, shelter, and discounts offered by local businesses. It has been overwhelming!  Please continue to keep those who are beginning to rebuild their lives in your thoughts & prayers. It is sure to be a long and heartbreaking process. 

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  1. random, but are you from new york? there was a big fire like this a few towns away from me this weekend too :(