19 February 2013

Getting Into the Habit

Here is everything you've missed over the last few weeks.

A little over two weeks ago, I decided to make it my mission to have "six-pack" abs by May. I did some research and found that it's an incredibly difficult thing to do. There are many people who do everything right and never achieve them because of their genetic makeup.

I have to be honest, hearing that was extremely disheartening. I wondered if I should waste my time. Did I really want to change the way I eat? Did I want to force myself to work really hard, knowing that even if I did everything right, I still might not end up with those highly coveted "six-pack" abs? I wasn't sure.

I stumbled across a book on iBooks entitled The Power of Habit. I highly recommend it. I was amazed to learn that nearly everything I do on a daily basis is based on habits that I've formed over the years. I was also amazed how easily those habits can be turned into healthy habits. It's definitely worth the read.

This book influenced my decision to give it a shot, and I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it so far. I'm doing crunches, push-ups, and planks on a daily basis. I have increased the number of exercises I do every day and will be adding cardio to my routine soon. In only 18 days, I’m already doing 60 crunches, 15 push ups, and a 50-second plank every day!

In other news…

My Valentine’s Day was lovely. Ashley gave me a gorgeous arrangement of Stargazer Lilies, a gift card to Ulta, and a gift card to Massage Envy! I’m super excited, and also a bit frightened, to get a massage because I've never had one before. Any tips for a first-timer like myself?

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