08 November 2012

Chicago: Day Three

Sunday was our final day in ChicagoWe tried our best to squeeze in everything we wanted to do on this trip and we did well.

The Quick Sunday Rundown:

Breakfast Buffet @ the hotel
Lincoln Park Zoo
Cloud Gate 
Virtual Fountain
The United Center/Michael Jordan Statue
Lunch @ Corner Bakery Cafe
Field Museum
Shedd Aquarium
Limo Ride!
Willis Tower
John Hancock Observatory
Dinner @ The Cheesecake Factory


We started our day at 8 am, which is really early for us. The breakfast buffet set us back $22 a person. That's INSANE!! We thought it was included with our stay until we received the check. I probably would have eaten a few more pieces of bacon if I'd known what they were costing me.

On the other hand, I couldn't believe the Lincoln Park Zoo was FREE!
My favorite animals are always the gorillas. I could sit and watch them for hours.

I also got excited about these camels:

They were HUGE! And, it was my first time seeing a camel in real life.

After looking at all of the pretty animals, we decided to go to the City of Chicago Store. It's supposedly a huge souvenir shop but we never found it. The address I wrote down from a travel book took us to an information center. We looked up the address listed on Google and headed that wayThat location ended up being the Chicago Cultural Center. We gave up at that point.

The cab ride to the cultural center wasn't a complete waste though. We were about to get another cab when we noticed sculptures across the street. One of them turned out to be Cloud Gate, which was on our list of things to do. 

I loved this picture.

The virtual fountain, AKA The Crown Fountain, was right next to it. The water is only turned on during the summer months so it just looked like a wall with changing photos on it. Nonetheless, it was pretty cool to see.

The statue of Michael Jordan was not to be missed, but there's not much else to really say about it.

After visiting the United Center, we met up with my friend Emily back at our hotel. Emily is the friend who came to visit me a few weeks ago for our friend's wedding. (See post here.) She lives in Decatur, IL, and took the train into Chicago to visit with us. She came along with us to tour the aquarium, Field Museum, Willis Tower, and John Hancock Observatory.

The Field Museum is the home to the most preserved and complete T-Rex ever found, Sue.

Shedd Aquarium is located directly next to the Field Museum. We saw a cute dolphin show with the trainers, and we looked at all of the different Jellies. The sharks were quite a disappointment.

While waiting for a cab outside of the aquarium, a limo driver asked if we wanted him to take us instead. We thought why not? So we sipped on a beer in a limo during our ride back to the hotel. 

We dropped off a our souvenir purchases and headed back out. The Sky Deck at the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower was a lot of fun. The view of the city was amazing, and I'm so glad we waited until after dark to go. Here are a few pictures of us "out on the ledge":

We took a cab from Willis Tower to the John Hancock Observatory, which is essentially the same thing--a huge deck on top of a skyscraper. It had a slightly different view though, and it was cool to see the differences between the two.

After dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, we went back to our hotel and packed up to go home. Our flight left Chicago early Monday morning, and I arrived home around noon on Monday. I had SO much fun... but there really is no better feeling than home, sweet, home.


  1. i really wish you had told me you were going to be here, since i live here and was around all weekend and told you to call me when you originally said you were going to be coming to chicago!

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. That jaguar is beautiful.

  3. Looks like a fun trip, the sky deck is something I want to see if/when I make it to Chicago. Ouch, that was a pricey bfast. my hubby and I have gotten these kinds of surprises and we say the same thing...I say to myself, I should have had a coffee to go at least:)
    Abi K

  4. Wow! That's a busy day!! I haven't been to the Willis tower since it was the sears tower and they added that see thru floor!!! Fun!!


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