17 October 2012

The B's Beach Wedding

My dear friend Emily came to visit last weekend. She was in town to attend a mutual friend's wedding, but I like to believe it was just to see me. :)

Emily lived in Myrtle Beach several years ago, and we became really close. She moved back to Illinois in 2008/2009, and I've missed her a TON! I need a friend like Emily. She's super outgoing and has a take charge attitude. But more importantly, she gets me out of the house doing different stuff all the time. It's so hard for me to make plans or think of new and exciting things to do without some type of direction.

That's also one of the reasons why this weekend was so exhausting (FUN but exhausting!) I've grown accustomed to my lazy weekends spent on the couch. There are many weekends when I only leave my house once or twice... sad, but true.

Last weekend was definitely not one of those weekends. We were on the GO GO GO the entire time! It wore me flat out, and I plan to go back to my lazy weekend routine on Friday. Even if it's just to regroup from the last one. 

Emily got into town around noon on Friday. The mutual friend of ours who is getting married picked her up from the airport, and she hung out at a beach bar with some old friends that afternoon and evening. I came home after work and relaxed for a few hours before I went to pick her up.

After I drove to the beach house to pick her up, we headed up to King Kong Sushi.

Side Note: Some of my photos of last weekend are edited and some are not because I had a terrible time transferring them to my computer for some reason. And... an even longer time locating them in Picasa. I got tired of messing with them after more than hour and said bump it. 

A classic Instagram photo

On Saturday, we were semi-lazy but nowhere near the kind of lazy I'm accustomed to. After we watched a funny movie, we took a nice afternoon stroll on the beach. It was the perfect weather for it!

After the beautiful stroll on the beach, we got ready for the evening festivities. We kept it low-key and went to a local bar to watch the UFC fight. Well... technically, they went to watch the UFC fight and I went to watch the South Carolina/LSU game. Go Tigers! And, of course... Emily wanted to see a few more old friends.

On Sunday, it was pretty much all wedding. I hate Sunday weddings because tomorrow's work is always hanging over the day, but I completely understand why some prefer it. The wedding was at 3 PM and we slept in until 11 o'clock that morning. That really only left time to grab some lunch and get ready. 

The Wedding Kiss!

Cake face!

Guess who caught the bouquet?

We ended up staying at the reception until nearly 9 PM. I didn't really expect to stay that late, but we had so much fun! Emily left on Monday and I miss her already. However, I'm looking forward to hanging out with my couch this weekend.


  1. I've heard King Kong Sushi is good but still haven't been. I'm going to have to add it to the places I must try! :)