31 October 2012

Clowning Around + Breast Cancer Awareness

Here is a glimpse into my Halloween this year.

Skull Wreath

I saw a wreath on Pinterest and decided to recreate it. I'm not posting a picture of it because I can't find the original posting on Etsy or the actual pin itself.

I purchased ribbon and a straw wreath at AC Moore, and I found a decorative plastic skull from Target.

I didn't bother taking the cellophane off the straw wreath prior to wrapping the ribbon around it because the cellophane actually made it look smoother. I didn't have a method for wrapping the ribbon around the wreath, I just started with a white shimmer ribbon and wrapped it around the wreath until it was completely covered.

I then wrapped black ribbon with green shimmer around the wreath and left spaces for the white ribbon to show. I attached the white ribbon with Scotch tape because I knew I'd be going over it with the black, and I wrapped the black ribbon tight enough over it so the tape would keep it securely in place. I secured the last piece of black ribbon with a dab of Gorilla Glue. Then I wrapped a wide, teal ribbon around the bottom of the wreath and secured it in a bow.

(I realize the skull shown here is on top of the wreath and not the bottom.
I took the picture when it was frustrating me and I couldn't get it to stick,
and I was trying different things with it.)

This wreath was really easy to make (aside from attaching the skull) and only took me about 30 minutes. It's not as cute as the original wreath pinned but I still like it.

Breast Cancer Awareness Pumpkin

My employer held a raffle to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Volunteers were asked to paint pumpkins with a Breast Cancer Awareness theme. I figured it was the least I could do.

Raffle tickets were sold, people put the purchased stubs into an envelope beneath the pumpkin they wanted to win, and a winner was drawn for each pumpkin.

This was my pumpkin:

I had fun painting it and wish I could take credit for the slogan. I did a search on Google for "Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans" and found this one. It fit well with the company I work for because we process claims for the government health benefit.

Halloween Party

To celebrate Halloween, I headed out Saturday night. I went as a circus clown. I felt my costume was more than obvious to figure out, but I had many people ask me what I was supposed to be. I mean... what else could I have been?

This is a picture of me and my favorite co-worker, Ciera

Here is a hilarious video of my friend James dressed up as The Dictator:

I hope you all are having (and continue to have) a Happy Halloween!

P.S. I am leaving for this place tomorrow...


  1. chicago? super jeal! have so much fun!

  2. I like the pumpkins.

  3. omg i love that wreath! so cute!!

  4. That wreath turned out great!! Have a great time in Chicago! I love that town!