26 September 2012

My Blog Makeover

Hey doll faces (and strapping man faces--if there are any of you out there!)

How do you like my brand spanking new blog design???? 
Thanks to Jonalynn, my blog doesn't look like a 10 year old designed it anymore!

If you are in the market for a blog vamp, I highly recommend. She was very welcoming to any and all ideas, took what I wanted, and turned it into this beautiful thing! Plus, she was very patient with me during those times I didn't really understand how something worked (i.e. the page buttons like home, contact, recipes, etc.) and explained it in a way I would understand.

It was such a great experience all around and I'm very excited about my new look! 
Now, I just have to increase my followers somehow so I can make it famous in the blog world! :)