29 February 2012

project 52 february recap

Just like January, I'm recapping what I've already accomplished from my project 52 list.

In January: I had not completed much of anything. I had gotten started on a few things but couldn't really check anything off my list yet.

In February: I did a little bit better.

I painted my bedroom dressers (which I can also technically count as one of five craft/DIY projects).

I finished one of ten books I hope to read this year. I finished House Rules by Jodi Picoult. It was okay... not my favorite of hers... but okay.

I volunteered. Last Saturday, me and my friend Tara volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. I'm not sure why I thought I'd be a little assistant rather than hammering nails into 2x4's all day. My arm/hand/wrist was incredibly sore for two full days. I'm so out of shape that it's not even funny. I'm just glad I stuck with it.

I did get out of town once this month (so I'm two for two). I went to Columbia in January to visit my family & I went to Charleston, SC this month for a wedding. I know they aren't very exciting out of town trips but they qualify nonetheless.

I bought a new TV for my living room.

And... that's about it. So, I have 3 items I can completely mark off and great progress on quite a few others!

Jane Doe xo

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