31 January 2012

How I Became an iPhone Snob

Let’s talk phones.

I recently switched cell phone providers. I’ve been a Verizon customer for a few years. I never had coverage or customer service problems, but my cell phone bill was crazy expensive.

I was enrolled in the package with the fewest minutes available [450 minutes a month] because nearly everyone I know has Verizon and it's free to talk to them. At the time, I didn’t talk on the phone much. I had an iPhone and the required data package for $20. I was also “grandfathered” into the unlimited text messaging plan that I previously had with Alltel. That’s what my entire plan entailed. I didn’t have multiple lines or add-ons, and on average, my phone bill was $110 a month. That’s ridiculous to me.

I've been talking on the phone a lot more than usual lately. I typically talk on the phone for an hour or two a day. So I called Verizon because I wanted to increase my minutes and learned that I would need to change my entire plan to do that. If I changed my plan to a higher minute package, I would no longer have the unlimited text messaging—so I could tack on an additional $10 to my bill for that. Basically, this plan change would cost me an additional $30 a month. I was not willing to pay $140 a month for a single line. Thanks, but no thanks.

That’s the reason I decided to switch to Sprint.

They have an unlimited TEXT and DATA plan for $69.99. Why would I pay $140 a month when I can pay HALF that much and talk, text, and data it up as much as I want? My mind was made up.

I canceled my account with Verizon and opened an account with Sprint. I signed up online and ordered the phone they were offering free as a promo at the time. I was paying an early termination fee to cancel my account with Verizon and planned to sell my iPhone on eBay to pay the fee. 

Everything went according to plan. I sold my iPhone for $285 and the fee to cancel was $250. However, the free phone—the EVO Shift—was a complete piece of crap. At first I was kind of excited about owning a Droid phone again. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my iPhone. I just missed the ability to customize everything. But after a week or two of using the EVO, I desperately missed my iPhone.

The phone was slow as crap. The battery died faster than Clemson blew it in the Orange Bowl [and that’s pretty freaking fast]. It was impossible to text on that thing... it always claimed I hit these random buttons. I hated the stupid Shrek looking smiley faces. I hated the fact that I dropped calls on the reg—and to be honest, I worried this was a Sprint issue. I missed Instagram, and screen shots, and Family Feud with Friends. Long story short, I missed my iPhone!

Prior to this experience, I never understood the whole obsession with Apple products. I hated iPhone snobs and their delusions of superiority. Even when I had my iPhone, I hated them. I could appreciate Android powered phones. There were many times that I missed my Android phone. In my mind I understood that the iPhone is a great phone but didn't understand why people acted like it [and all Apple products, for that matter] were "the Holy Grail" of technology. I hated how much Apple monopolized and controlled their users by forcing them to use certain cellular providers or purchase everything via iTunes.    
Now, I understandI've joined the crowd of iPhone snobs because I will NEVER use anything else.

I finally broke down and bought the iPhone 4S on eBay because I couldn’t stand the EVO anymore. Unfortunately, the 15 day window passed and I couldn’t return my phone to Sprint for a new one. And I still gladly spent the $500 it cost me to buy one on eBay. Yes, $500! But, dear iPhone, I’ve missed you so.

If you used the iPhone, switched to another phone for a short period of time, and switched back to the iPhone again… I promise you’d be amazed at the difference.

The internet is sooooo much faster. I haven’t had one dropped call. [I'm glad it wasn’t a Sprint issue.] The battery lasts ALL day! The picture is clear and crisp. The notifications alert me when they should. Scramble with Friends, need I say more? I could go on and on and on… but I’m pretty sure you get the picture.

I haven’t always been a believer but iPhone > Android. Tested and proven.

[PS. If you have an iPhone and don’t use Viggle yet, you should. You check-in to live TV’s shows and earn points for each check-in. You can use your earned points to buy stuff like iTunes, Old Navy, or Amazon gift cards. You can even get a Kindle for 175,000 points! I’ve only been using it since Sunday and already have 3100 points!]


  1. I use to have sprint but had NO service where I lived. I switched to att and have never been happier. hubs has verizon and he hates it!!

  2. def gonna check out the viggle app...sounds interesting. this really has me wanting to switch to sprint because I'm tired of my ridiculous verizon bill for my iPhone..thanks for the info

  3. Im in the same predicament with Verizon... have had them since I switched from Sprint 5yrs ago. For one line, I pay $118/mo, so it sounds like we have the same plan.
    J started working for Sprint 3mos ago as a phone repair tech, and since I have a yr left on my contract, it sounds like I am going to be paying the early termination fee and switching over sooner. Its insane to pay that much for one line, when Sprint has it for half of the price!!!
    I have a 1yr old Incredible, and I am so hoping to upgrade soon. Love my droid, but I am thinking either iphone or galaxy nexus...

  4. I need to look into Sprint my AT&T bill is not nearly as high as your Verizon but still pretty expensive compared to Sprint. Also thank you for reminding me about Viggle! I read about it on yahoo but completely forgot to download.

  5. I need to get that app! I don't know what I'd do without my iphone!

  6. You just totally justified my decision to switch from an Android to iPhone...getting mine this week!

    I became an apple convert years ago, but that only pertained to mp3 players and computers. but now, excited about my iPhone!