22 December 2011

Christmas Memories

I don't know if it's the weather (nearly 70 degrees today!) or the fact that I've had a lot going on lately, but whatever the reason, it does not feel like Christmas to me. In an attempt to change that, I introduce you to some of my most favorite-d items gifted to me over the years. I just love reminiscing! 

Every little girl loves Barbie and her accessories.

Here are some of my favorites:

The '57 Chevy

This is where Barbie, Ken, and Skipper usually hung out on the weekends.

 Barbie's Dream House

My two favorite Barbie's: 

Peaches & Cream Barbie

Sweetheart Barbie 

Every one of my friends tried to get me to trade my Sweetheart Barbie's dress for some other lame Barbie outfit they had, but I was having none of it. One girl even offered to trade her Barbie car for it. Pshhh! I already had the '57 Chevy. What more could I have wanted?

A few other young childhood favorites:

The original Strawberry Shortcake
I can still smell her sweet, strawberry scent.

Pound Puppies
I had both of these boys. It's embarrassing how old I was when I actually put them up in the attic. Truly.

Styling Hair Cabbage Patch Kid

I couldn't find a better picture than this, and the one I actually owned isn't either one of these. These special Cabbage Patch Kid dolls had wiry hair that was easily shaped. It came with a plastic curling iron, rollers, comb, brush, and crimper. I spent so many hours curling and braiding that dolls hair. 

Hot Wheels Garage

This was actually my brother's toy, but I spent more hours playing with it than he did. Again, this one is a little different than the one we had, but I couldn't find an exact picture. Ours had an elevator that you cranked and a wrap around car ramp. One Word: Awesome.

And a few other older gifts (one clear phone and amazing board games):

How many of you had this phone or one similar?

Oh yeah, the Dream Phone game. I think Dan was my favorite caller.

Guess Who?
You know when you were screwed? When you happened to choose one of three black men or one of two bald ones.

"Please report to the food court."

The only think better than the Sweet Valley High books was the Sweet Valley High Board Game.

Were you like me? Could you barely stand it to wait for that Sears or Penney's catalog to came in the mail? Would you could pour over each page and make a laundry list of stuff you wanted for Christmas?

Ahhhh... I miss being a kid. What were some of your favorite gifts over the years?


  1. I love each and every one of these things!!! AHH thanks for the memories :)

  2. Hi
    I am a new follower! I think I had almost everything that you just posted as a child! (I would have loved to have the sweetheart dress though)

  3. Love your picks! I had that Barbie car, the Sweetheart Barbie, and all the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. My goddaughter watches the new Strawberry Shortcake cartoon, and I just keep thinking...that's not what she looks like,ha!

  4. I had that hot wheels garage and played for hours with it!! I also had that sweetheart barbie. I use to love playing with their red head friend though too.