01 September 2011

Some Wants and Whatnot

Because I have nothing better to blog about... and because it's super fun... let's blog about some stuff I want! :)

these glorious William Rast jeans
which were inspired by this Pinterest picture...

and the Dooney Dillen II Pocket Satchel

and this fabulous bag from Micahel Kors

and the Michael Kors Baguette-Bezel Rose Gold Watch
Yes, please!

PS. Training still sucks but we're moving right along... I actually got to print out claims & EOBs today... woop woop. Riveting stuff!

PPS. I finally decided on some colors for the condo. BM Lenox Tan for the living room, Martha Stewart Sharkey Grey for the bedroom, BM Camouflage for the guest room (because it is the only room with carpet, and unfortunately it is a dark green color, and the light green tint/hue in this neutral will tone it down a bit :)) I've been keeping myself busy this week. I sanded and primed my dressers. Now, I gotta wait like 7 days before I actually paint it. 

PPPS. I'm having the BM color matched because I refuse to pay $60 for a gallon of paint. That is all! :)

OK, one more thing. I created an accent vlog for my "boardies" -- see reference here -- and you might get a treat next week if you are good little boys and girls.


  1. Are flair jeans coming back? This makes me happy I love to wear them with wedges!

  2. I love those jeans and as always, I love MK watches.

  3. Those jeans are really awesome. :)