25 August 2011

Stinky Blogger

I realize I have been a stinky blogger lately, as usual. Since I've started my job, staring at the computer after work is the last thing I want to do. So, I've put it off... and put it off... and put it off. Unfortunately, you will probably only see me post sporadically (Cher would be so proud!) throughout the next few months.

The new job has been pretty good so far. I've been sitting in training classes most of the time, and there is plenty more where that came from! The courses aren't back-to-back... I will have a week off here and a week off there... but I will technically be "in training" for the next 8 months. Yep, EIGHT months! That may sound like a lot to you... as it does to me... but there is an insane amount of stuff to learn.

I've finished all of the lovely corporate training classes like compliance, policies, etc. Those classes took an entire week. Then I sat with my peer coach and listened in on calls Monday-Thursday of last week. Last Friday, I started the course I am currently in--Intro to Claims Processing--and it lasts 28 days. It is only the first of many. I feel like I'm in school all over again. Don't get me wrong... I am glad they have us in these courses because I would have a panic attack if they expected me to figure out all this stuff on my own.

And there are CODES for everything... procedure codes, billing codes, diagnosis codes... it's like I'm taking a medical billing course. On top of that, there are codes for about one million different screens you have to use to look stuff up on.... aye yi yi! The good news is that I get my first pay check tomorrow!! :]

In other news, I have been trying to decide on paint colors for the condo. I want to paint before I move in... but with me being so indecisive and there being so many colors/brands/shades to choose from... I'm about to pull my hair out and say forget it! I know I want a light gray color in my bedroom & a neutral tan/cream color in the living room... but deciding on the brand & exact color is a nightmare. If you have any advice, please do let me know! I love the Benjamin Moore colors but baby's on a budget. So, if you know a great color in Behr, Better Homes & Gardens, Glidden... shout it at me!

I hope life is treating you all well!


  1. why don't you just decide on the BM color you like & then take the paint chart to lowes & have them color match it?......DUH!!!

  2. Glad to hear your new job is going well! I feel the same way after being at work all day on the computer I def want to do something different at home.

  3. Yay! Glad to hear that your new job is going so well!!!