05 August 2011

iPhone Apps

I saw this idea on someone's blog (I'm pretty sure it was Neely's because she always comes up with the best blog ideas) a while back and thought it was a cute idea! So, here I am... letting you see my apps!

I downloaded Spotify without realizing that you needed an invite to be a member. If anyone wants to send me one, feel free.

WAZE - alerts you of  nearby police and gives you voiced turn-by-turn navigation directions
FBHW - Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show
Medscape + WebMD - absolutely needed for my hypochondria

MJD - puzzle with blocks
QRANK - daily trivia game
Glow Puzzle - highly addictive

AIM - is not really used for AIM chat but Facebook Chat
Instagram - in love with this app... love, love, love!
IntoNow - crazy app that listens (like Shazam) and logs what you are currently watching on TV 

Photosynth - this app makes amazing panoramic pictures w/ its 360 tool
PhotoWizard - best photo editor I've found
GasBuddy - lets you know which nearby gas stations have the cheapest gas

What apps do you use?


  1. Did you know you can put your apps into folders?

  2. Family Feud is my fave! Mine actually looks a lot like yours with the addition of Twitter and Bejeweled. Like Whitney said, the folders are pretty sweet!