02 August 2011

The News: Is Depressing

Due to my unemployment (speaking of which, I was finally offered a job yesterday and I accepted! I start Monday.) and getting sucked into the Casey Anthony trial, I have started to watch HLN on a regular basis. It makes me feel important to know what's going on in the world.

Do you know what IS going on in the world? Horrible, horrible things. It scares the living crap out of me to be honest. To know there is so much hatred and evil in the world is a scary thing. And, some of the things going on in the world today can only be explained by evil and hatred. Let's discuss.

Hustler and Casey Anthony

I am sure you have all heard Larry Flynt offered Casey Anthony $500,000 (+ 20% of the magazine sales) to pose nude in Hustler magazine. This particular news story isn't as much evil and hatred as it is vile and disgusting.

Throughout the trial, I heard men (on TV & off) talk about how attractive they thought Casey Anthony is. I think she was much more attractive during her partying days than how she looked in court... HOWEVER, I wouldn't consider her anything more than average. I doubt Hustler would have offered her a $500,000 deal if she hadn't being tried for "allegedly" killing her daughter. And, that's absolutely disgusting.

It was hard to make out what Larry Flynt was saying in an interview I heard (with his robot voice and all), but he claims many men approached him at book signings and requested he make an offer to Anthony. He says it's all about the icon status she currently holds. All that proves to me is there are some sick people in this world.

Speaking of Casey Anthony, a judge signed a release yesterday requesting she return to Orlando within 72 hours. She was ordered to serve a year of supervised probation for the check fraud charge. Supposedly, there is speculation over whether she should be required to do so, since she spent over a year in prison. Her lawyers plan on fighting the probation. In any event, I doubt she will be returning to Orlando any time soon.

Rebecca Nalepa's Suicide  

This was such a sad and bizarre story.

Rebecca Nalepa was dating and living with her boyfriend, pharmaceutical CEO Jonah Shacknai. Her boyfriend's brother found her naked and hanging from an upper level balcony. Her hands and feet were both tied. The authorities initially ruled it a suicide.

My question is this: How in the hell does one person bound her hands and feet, tie a rope around her neck, and jump off a balcony by herself?  The media is reporting that while it's possible, it would be very difficult. But, why would you do it naked?

It seems really weird to me. Plus, two days before the brother found her, Shacknai's six-year-old son fell down the stairs and into a coma. He was still in the hospital when she committed suicide, and the boy died two days later. I hope the police get to the bottom of this.

Tyler Hadley 

This particular story is the most upsetting of them all. I cannot FATHOM how in the world a teenager (or anyone for that matter) could be capable of such a brutal act.

Apparently, Hadley posted a house party invitation on Facebook around 1:30 PM. A few hours later, he brutally killed both of his parents by beating them to death with a 22" framing hammer. He cleaned up the blood for approximately three hours and stashed their bodies in their bedroom under blankets, books, files, and pillows. The party started around 10 PM and 40 to 60 people showed up. Someone at the party called the police with an anonymous tip, and the police showed up at his house around 4:20 AM and found the bodies.

There have been reports that he is claiming he was possessed by the devil. Some say he was mad at his parents for not letting him throw a party. There are also reports that claim he admitted to taking 3 ecstasy pills before the incident. I am NOT buying that ecstasy had anything to do with this murder. Ecstasy isn't the type of drug that makes you kill your parents. If he said he'd taken three hits of acid or smoked three pipes of meth, maybe. But, I'm not buying that 3 hits of ecstasy made him kill his parents.

The kid's best friend didn't believe him when he told him at the party because he seemed calm, and it wasn't like him to act like that. So, to prove he was telling the truth, Hadley showed him the bodies. He told his friend that it took 3 hours to clean up the blood and he didn't expect it to take that long. He also said he planned to kill himself if he got caught. Honestly, all of this sends chills down my spine. Look at the picture he took at the party w/ his best friend, just partying it up, acting carefree like any normal teenager at a party.

It makes me so mad/sick that this so-called kid cannot be given the death penalty simply because he won't turn 18 for another few months. He can be charged with first degree murder and tried as an adult, but he cannot be given the death penalty. That makes no sense to me.

OK-- I won't depress you with any more news.


  1. Okay -- I totally agree with everything you've written here -- I've been only working part time this summer and I watch HLN when I don't have anything else to do. My husband won't let me watch HLN when he is around because it finds it too depressing.

  2. I did not know about the Hadley story. How fucked up.

  3. Casey Anthony makes me sick! I can't believe he offered her that!