15 August 2011

The Help

I went to see The Help on Saturday with my friend Samantha and her pal Robert. I thought about waiting to see it when it came out on DVD because I really wanted to read the book first. I'm glad I decided against that. It might not have been so great to me if I had read the book. Everyone knows that the movie never lives up to the book, right? Case in point: The Twilight Series.

Despite the fact that we got there five minutes before the movie started and were forced to sit in the front row, this movie was spectacular. It was definitely one of the best movies I've seen in as long as I can remember. It was life-changing really. It was funny and sad and heart wrenching and every emotion you can think of rolled up into one.

It is just one of those movies that really makes you think. It amazes me that African Americans were treated in such a way not that long ago. We (me and my peers) were blessed by growing up in a generation where such treatment would never be tolerated. Because of that, it is so hard to imagine it being any other way. My heart truly broke thinking about how those were treated. It got me fired up! It made me want to yell at the screen and tell them to throw a right hook (or bake a special pie, wink wink!) Obviously, if an African American maid had done such a thing they would have surely been arrested or beaten for it. How could we as people have been so cruel?

Life changing, I tell you!


  1. I am so excited to read the book! It's already on my Kindle waiting for me to finish my current read! :)

  2. The book is great, but I think I enjoyed the movie more- which NEVER happens. The director was a childhood friend of Stockett's and he really brought the story to life! Loved it! :)