16 August 2011

Playing Catch Up

Quick post to catch you up on my life events.

I started my new job last Monday. So far, so good. We (there were 8 of us that started the same day) spent all of last week in an initial training session. We basically learned about the rules and compliance regulations and very basic information pertaining to the job. We start the core training on Friday of this week. We will actually be training for about 8 months. That won't be consistent training. We will train for a few weeks and then have maybe a week off. Start a new course. Have a week off. And so on. I didn't realize how much information is required to process insurance claims. We have to learn all kinds of procedure codes and diagnosis codes and 50 million different other kinds of codes. There are acronyms for everything. It's basically like school... but getting paid for it, of course. Speaking of which... I cannot wait until next Friday when I get my first pay check. I'm not going to know what to do with myself.

My air conditioning has not been working for 8 days now. My rental company is really pissing me off because they have shown no desire to correct the situation. They came out to the apartment last Wednesday and basically looked at it for a mere five minutes and said nothing was wrong with it. Yet, my apartment has not been cooler than 80+ for the past 8 days. I called back on Thursday and left a message saying someone needed to come back out. I never heard from them and they never came out. Soooo, I called again this morning and left another message. I had not heard back from them again, so I finally got someone on the phone and they said they'd send someone out before 4. They never showed. So, I called them again at 4:45 and the lady on the phone was a total bitch to me. She again said that he would be here and still no sign of a technician. I sent them a nasty e-mail this evening so I am hoping they come tomorrow. If not, I will have to go up there and raise hell.

The good news is that my parents closed on their new house today. They will be moving out soon and I will be leaving this place and moving into their condo. I cannot wait. It cannot get here soon enough!

That's about it! :)


  1. ugh...i hate stupid bitches. like that is TOTALLY uncalled for and unprofessional is an understatement to the max.

    excited for your new job and for your new condo. i was thinking i could pay the dirty myrtle a visit sometime in oct when USC has an away game. :)

  2. How great about your new job and soon new condo!