26 July 2011

random TV (& other media) talk

Does anyone watch Big Brother? Last year was the first year I really got into it but have friends who have been watching it forever. I never understood the hype until last summer. I got sucked in and became obsessed with the show and the players. I even watched hours of the live feed on Showtime After Dark... mainly towards the end of the show, when just Hayden, Enzo, Lane, and Britney were left.

Like most people, Brandon and Rachel annoyed the hell outta me (mostly Rachel but Brandon is included for merely being attracted to that thing). She is not attractive and all of the baby talk is nearly vomit inducing. I was NOT thrilled when I realized they would be a part of this season too. I absolutely loved Lane and Britney. It was obvious they had a flirty thing going on, despite Brit's engagement back home. It was more obvious on the live feeds than it was on the actual show. The live feed really gave me great insight into how the show works. It's interesting because you hear the producers talking to them through the mic's... like calling them to the diary room or telling them to stop doing certain things like singing (not sure why they can't sing) or reminding them to adjust their microphone. I thought it was fun to see that behind the scenes type of stuff... and to see what types of stuff they did in their down time... which really amounts to a lot of sun bathing, exercising, and pool playing.

Lane and Britney from Big Brother 12

Big Brother 13 Cast

I know it's early in the game, but I don't think this season is nearly as entertaining as last. I don't like that they brought back people from previous seasons... probably because I didn't watch the seasons they were on... except, of course, Brandon & Rachel. I just feel as if the entire show is about the dynamic between Brandon, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan. They rarely show anything that goes on with any of the other players. I hope that changes in the near future. I do love Jeff and Jordan though. I just wish they had gotten rid of Rachel when they had the chance.

Cassi got on my nerves for some reason but I loved how she never took Rachel's crap. I started to like her more towards the end... especially when I saw her rockin' a Clemson hoodie! :] She's from TX, so I wonder if she went to school there? I haven't seen enough of Porsche to form an opinion of her yet. Same goes for Kalia. Lawon is hilarious and I want him to be my BFF. Shelly seems sweet enough but I'm not sure she has the guts to make it far in the game. Danielle seems pretty sneaky and tries to act like she is "buddy buddy" with Dominic to get ahead in the game... but she's not fooling me. That girls got it bad. They may be perfect for each other because I feel like Dominic tries to act hard, as if he is this bad ass player... but I'm not buying that either. I've already stated my disdain for Brandon and Rachel. What annoys me even more? The fact that they win so many challenges!

Kim Kardashian

I'm not sure if I have stated my complete disdain for Kim Kardashian on the blog yet, but even if I have, it's worth mentioning again. I doubt I could ever explain to you how much she bothers me. I think it's because she doesn't even have a valid reason for her fame... except for a sex tape... and the fact that her dad was one of OJ's lawyers. And neither of those reasons are appealing.

There is no need for x-rays to be taken to prove your enormous booty is real. Does America really care if her booty is real? You are suing Old Navy because they used a model in an ad that sorta kinda not really looks like you? Get over yourself.

Teen Nick

Is everyone else as excited about Nickelodeon showing 90's shows as I am? Clarissa Explains it All. Yes, please! Doug. Absolutely!

Hells Yeah!

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

This is completely random but I just have to mention it. Did anyone else know that the ever popular 'bow chicka bow wow' phrase is in reference to old porn music? I'm sure we all knew that the saying implied sexual connotations. However, I never knew that the reason it implies that is because it imitates the sound of cheesy music from old porn films. Makes total sense to you now, doesn't it?


  1. I love love love Big Brother. I've watched since the very first season and I love it. However, this year has kinda been.... lame. I'm not enjoying it hardly at all.

    I'm stocked about the old nick shows!!

  2. OMG... I didn't know Nick was playing all those shows again! I LOVED THEM!! haha

  3. nickelodeon is bringing back the old school shows?! YES! i'll be keeping my eyes peeled for that shizz.

    and i LOVE big brother. i'm obsessed. like it's a social life ruiner every summer for me. i LOVE jeff and jordan. they got together on their season (the season before the god awful rachel and brendan) and jeff is so down to earth, hilarious, and um...HOT as effin' hell. i hope they stay as long as possible and kick rachel and brendan out as soon as possible. PLEASE!