13 July 2011

the lake in VA & casey anthony

I had a great time out on the lake in Virginia! We got back on Saturday but I have a friend in town this week... so I haven't had much time to post about it.

In all honesty, there isn't much to tell because the week was filled with a lot of relaxation, as opposed to a lot of activity. We did plan to do much more tubing and/or wakeboarding than we did, but it rained nearly every day at least once. And, the day we set aside for just that... it rained all day! We still had a lot of fun though and were out on the boat or in the sun every day. Here are some action shots that we did manage to get:

On a completely different side note, I was utterly disgusted to learn about the results of the Casey Anthony trial. My unemployment allowed me to get sucked into it and after watching it day in and day out... and reading about it on the web... I simply do not feel as if justice was served. I semi-agree that there was not enough evidence to convict her of first degree murder (but I definitely think she had something to do with her daughter's death)... I do feel there was enough there to convict of her manslaughter and definitely child neglect. To know that she is being released this week and can never be tried again makes me sick. Eck!

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  1. I mean - the way I look at it..is..ok, so you are a mother so you are RESPONSIBLE for your CHILD - she ends up dead - that is child neglect of sorts - no?! Evidence or not...

    I am not only angry at the whole outcome but so sad for that little girl. </3

    I was also sucked into it too - now I don't know what to watch anymore..haha ;)