29 July 2011

I'm THAT girl.

...speaking of Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup, I am totally copying one of her posts from this week. I loved the idea and thought I'd borrow steal it from her. ;P

So... let me tell you what kind of girl I am... the good and the bad... the charming and the not-so-charming... the funny and the annoying... eh, you get the picture.

I'm that girl...

who would rather wear a t-shirt, cut-off's, and flip flops over anything.

who could talk Clemson football with the best of 'em.

who has a potty mouth.

who used to be a total pushover...
which resulted in a very defensive mindset...
who now speaks up a little too much.

who laughs at her own horrible jokes.

who always holds doors for others
always says please and thank you
always uses sir and ma'am.

who drinks Coke Cola every single day
and never works out
and eats entirely too much fast food.

who complains entirely too much
and is well-aware that she does
and tries really hard to stop
but she can't.
(kb & heth - remember NYC, senior year?
"y'all my stomach hurts.
no seriously, ya'll... my stomach really hurts.
i don't think y'all understand how bad my stomach hurts."

who can laugh at how ridiculous she is at times more times than not.

who has a bad habit of "cutting off her nose to spite her face."

who adores her parents
and looks up to her brother
and wouldn't trade them for anything or anyone in this world.

who loves animals more than most people.

who cures a bad day with a drive in the country
with the windows rolled down
the wind in my hair
and the radio blasting.

who gets (not only carded) but accused of using a fake ID
I'll take that accusation, buddy.

who somehow "mean mugs" people without knowing it.
seriously... I couldn't tell you how many people tell me after getting to know me
that when they first met me... they either thought I hated them or that I was mean.
how could that be? i'm as sweet as iced tea! :)

who considers herself country/southern and still uses terms like "mean mug & HAM"
it's a Dillon thing... I suppose.

who could sing you the words to any 80's country song
and also rap you the lyrics to any Lil Wayne song.

who is a constant contradiction from one day to the next.
who needs change consistently.
who is never satisfied.
but somehow manages to love life
and tries to squeeze everything she can out of it.

who loves with all her heart.
and does everything with all she has.


  1. i'm pretty sure we are the same person! :)

    see you next weekend!

  2. haha I was about to say the same thing Beth! I felt like I was reading an autobiography of myself while reading this! Glad to know I'm not alone in this world!

  3. This statement....
    "who drinks Coke Cola every single day
    and never works out
    and eats entirely too much fast food."

    describes me in a nutshell, except i drink diet coke :)