16 June 2011

special news bulletin

I know, I know... I suck at blogging.

I'm horrible.

You would THINK that I would spend more time online when I'm jobless and have nothing to do than when I have a job and actually have things to do. But, you would be wrong. It is quite the opposite actually.

I rarely ever find myself online doing anything... (Facebook, e-mailing, blogging, etc...) these days. It will dawn on me that I haven't blogged in "X" number of days and I feel guilty. How lame? Oh well...

To catch you up to speed w/ the recent happenings in my life:

I think I have finally gotten the tooth situation under control. But, please let me knock on wood so that I don't jinx myself. I went BACK to the dentist Tuesday (for real, like the sixth time in the past two months) because it still felt like the filling was too high. Nope, it wasn't. He said my bite was slightly off but it wasn't due to the filling... it was simply my top and bottom teeth hitting a bit awkward. I had him reshape the actual tooth a bit and it feels tons better.

Last Saturday, I came down with a nasty throat infection. I spent the day in the doctor's office and was given ANOTHER antibiotic. The infection has cleared up now. However, I went to the beach one day while taking the antibiotic and my chest got pretty sunburned. It actually blistered and everything. Now, I have this beautiful peeling thing going on. Smart Jenn, real smart.

I have come to the conclusion that me sitting at home doing absolutely nothing (but watching 'round the clock coverage of the Casey Anthony trial) is the worst thing for my health. Forget the smoking. I do nothing but sit here and worry about what may or may not be wrong with me and I let it fester and I think and rethink and think and rethink. I end up making myself sick. I need some serious psychological help. Or... a job.

But, at least I can admit it and laugh at myself. They say admitting it is half the problem, right?


The job thing with the restaurant I mentioned didn't work out. They were being so unorganized because they weren't open yet and I started to question if I would really make any money out there. And, I decided that with my tendency to participate in high levels of complaining... working outside in the 100 degree heat... serving tables to rich folk... when I haven't done it in over six years... might not be the best idea.

I had my official interview with Blue Cross on Tuesday. I think it went well but I can never be sure. The HR person said I should know something by the end of next week either way. So, if I hear that didn't work out... I guess I will have no other option than to find a serving job somewhere else. I am hoping that I hear it does though! :)

My 30th birthday is next Saturday. I cannot believe it--there is no way I'm 30. And, my life is in shambles. HA! But, I am looking forward to celebrating. I have a guy friend whose birthday is the day after mine. We are celebrating together on the beach w/ all of our friends during the day and going out that night. SHOULD BE FUN!

I think that is all the catching up I have to do for now.

PS. I noticed that I exceeded the 200 follower mark recently. I have no idea how that is possible considering my blogging skills suck so much. NEVERTHELESS, as soon as I do get a job (whenever that may be)... I plan on hosting a giveaway in celebration! :)


  1. This is making me feel better. I haven't smoked in 4 days and I think I needed to hear that someone is almost as irritated as I am.
    Thanks for cheering me up! ;)
    Hope your birthday is great! The beach celebration sounds fun

  2. Congrats on 210 followers! And I totally am with you on the not blogging even though I'm jobless part- I love the idea of having a giveaway to celebrate when you get a job! I may join you in that :)