07 June 2011

quick thoughts on the bachelorette

1. Ashley is really a moron. Or pathetic. I can't tell which. Maybe both.

2. No one falls in love that quickly. Chris Harrison nailed it on the head when he asked her if it was possible that she simply loved the idea of Bentley. The fact that she doesn't realize that proves my moron point.

3. As I stated in a previous post, nothing annoys me more than a girl who is naive enough to buy into that "bad boy" facade. He is/was as transparent as Saran Wrap. I will agree that the majority of girls fall for a "bad boy" once in their life. However, it is usually at a much younger age... at a point in your life when you aren't necessarily ready to settle down... and deep down most of us can admit that we never saw us living happily ever after with them. It really bothers me when girls aren't smart enough to see through that BS. I guess I can't fault them for it. Maybe I have just seen enough of it in my lifetime to recognize it quickly. It is possible that others may not have been so "lucky." Either way, they made her look like a complete idiot airing all those clips about how she thought he was "her guy" and she didn't know how she could go on.

4. I'm glad Jeff is gone... with or without the mask.

5. William was one of my favorites from the very beginning. He has lost that since then but not because of the whole roast ordeal. I actually give him props for being the only one man enough to get up there and DO WHAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DO - roast Ashley! Her insecurities and low self-esteem are horrifyingly embarrassing to watch. Anyway, he has lost my favorite vote simply because his humor is annoying. His jokes are predictable and he just comes off very attention hungry.

6. JP is still my front runner. I love him. He is so sincere and down to earth. LOVE HIM!

7. All in all, I feel as if Ashley has a lot of growing up to do. I'm not sure how old she is (anyone know?) but she doesn't come off very mature. She is quick to "fall in love" with the first guy who uses your average smooth talking techniques and she is very insecure about herself. I honestly don't know how any of these guys are into her because most men find insecurity annoying and an absolute turn off. Although, I guess being on The Bachelorette changes things a bit.

P.S. I don't know who Emily is because I didn't watch the last season of The Bachelor but I was under the impression that she was the one who was given the final rose. Why did Bentley think she would be The Bachelorette? Or why does Ashley keep saying that she fears everyone wishes it was Emily? I'm lost on this one.


  1. AH! I couldn't agree more! I don't even know why I watch this god forsaken show! She drives me crazy... And really Jeff? With the mask? What a trip...

  2. ahh agree with you 100% I would have stopped watching by now simply bc she is so annoying but now im sucked in and want to see what happens...i looked it up and i think she is 25..

  3. I agree. I would stop watching but I actually know one of the guys (Ames Brown) so I sit there just hoping he doesn't make a fool of him self. So far he just seems lame/dull which in my opinion is why better than an ass.

  4. This is the first time in years that I haven't watched. I was not a fan of her on the bachelor and refused to watch.

  5. I completely agree with everything you've said! Bentley was actually pretty funny to watch too. JP has been my favorite from the beginning as well. And Ashley....meh.