05 June 2011

mia and currently

First things first -- two things:

1) I realize my blog looks sub-par at the moment and promise I am working on fixing that. You know me and my never ending ability to stay satisfied with anything. Insatiable. Insatiable. Insatiable.

2) My addiction with Pinterest has really gotten out of hand. If you would love for yours to spiral out of control with me, make sure you follow my pins and repins at http://pinterest.com/jmjohns81. If you need an invite, let me know and I will gladly send you one.


I feel like I didn't post much last week. I guess I was dealing with a lot... my tooth was still bothering me, my mom came home, my friend Chapell had her baby. However... things are finally starting to settle down.

The dentist determined the reason for my tooth still bothering me. The nonstop grinding of my teeth in my sleep is making any sort of healing impossible. I bought a mouth guard from Wal-Mart a while back, but it was too bulky and I couldn't sleep with it. I bought a different kind yesterday and I was able to sleep with it last night. Hopefully, that will clear up this little problem. My tooth and gums are already feeling MUCH better!

I forgot to mention that I quit my job last Friday (or did I? My memory sucks!). After discussing it with my dad, I decided it was for the best. I kept having to call in for either my tooth or my mom or job interviews. I wasn't being paid much at all and the drive there required too much in gas to make it worth it. They understood.

The good news is that I got called back for an interview with Blue Cross. The interview is next Tuesday. Even if they decide to hire me, the process takes quite a while. I have to obtain a security clearance from the government (because this particular branch works specifically with military benefits) before they can hire me and sometimes that can take up to a month!

In the meantime, I have been hired at a restaurant at a marina. I'm actually pretty excited about it! It has a pool, over 20 boat slips, 2 volleyball courts, and they will have bands out there all summer. He said that some days he may have me serving drinks by the pool, some days he may have me working inside, some days he may have me working behind a beer bucket, and he said that some days he may even have me serving drinks to a large group on a boat (if that is what they request). It sounds like a lot of fun--IF I can handle the heat! I know if I can handle it, I could make some GREAT cash out there. The other good thing about it is that it just opening in a week or two. So, I'm not the "new" girl... everyone is new. We are having a "Meet & Greet" tomorrow... so the staff he has hired so far can meet each other. I'm pretty excited about it! Here's a picture:


I saw this cute idea on Sarah's blog and thought I would be a copycat! :) I know she doesn't mind.

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This song seriously has helped me through some of the hard times I've had lately.

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Essie "Sand Tropez"
(these are not my nails.
I got this picture from Google images.)

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The last thing I ate was an Arby's Roast Beef & Cheddar sandwich.

Current TV Show:

The Bachelorette & nonstop coverage of the Casey Anthony trial

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I can probably honestly say that this has been the longest I have ever gone without buying something for myself... at least in the past 10 years or so.
I would really just love pants that fit me.

Current Needs:

hair cut &colored.
pants/shorts/skirts that fit me.

Current Celebrity Crush:
Ummm... get back to me.

Current Blessing:

Having parents that love me and are willing to help me out during these tough times.

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my pj's... just got out of the shower & haven't gotten dressed yet.

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Current Excitement:

The new job & the potential to make some BANK!

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Excellente for the first time in weeks!

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  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower and I decided to get into watching The Bachelorette this season and I don't know why because it just drives me crazy, haha. So I haven't seen the past two episodes ;(