21 June 2011

the latest on the bachelorette and other completely random stuff

The Bachelorette

I honestly don't know why I continue to watch this season. I guess it's because I like to look at JP. He has been my favorite from Day 1 and he still holds that title now. Even though he is my favorite... is it bad of me to hope he doesn't get the Final Rose... simply because I think he could do (and deserves) better?

The majority of the Internet world urges that we shouldn't be so hard on Ashley. They say we don't know the details of everything that went on between her and Bentley... everything is edited... she must have connected on a level we didn't see on television... blah blah blah bullshit.

Yes, they may have connected on another level off camera. I suppose that is entirely possible. But, the fact of the matter is, she knew him for maybe two weeks. Based on what I have read online, the entire season is filmed in approximately one month. In addition to that, she was warned prior to ever meeting him in the first place. Regardless of how hard you tried to be unbiased and give everyone a chance, wouldn't there be a small part of you that would still be a bit hesitant to jump in head first with this guy? Even after Chris Harrison pointed out that if Bentley wanted to be there, he would be... because every other guy took time away from their lives as well and they have yet to bail on you... she continues to dwell on him.

I get that no one likes to be rejected. It's a known fact that people want what they cannot have. Every girl has held on too long to someone who broke their heart and wondered about the what ifs and the could haves. But, I've said it before and I've said it again... most people who do this are younger immature girls with low self-esteem. If this chick had any self respect at all, she would be like... "F-Bentley! If he is so quick to walk away from this, I don't want him. He doesn't deserve to be with someone like me and has some growing up to do. I'm above childish games and am in this to find someone who is ready to settle down and wants this as much as I do. Good riddance!"

In reality, Ashley is so far from thinking that way and it's embarrassing to watch. I'm beyond sick of it. I'm hoping he comes back next week and she has some sort of an epiphany and he is never spoken of again. If this nonsense continues to carry on after next week, I probably won't be watching anymore and hope that JP runs for the hills.


1. Do you love Sonic ice as much as I do? Did you know that you can buy bags of it from the drive-thru? This was the most amazing news to me! I'm not even lying.

I can't remember a time when I didn't have an ice maker in my freezer. But, unfortunately, my apartment's freezer does not have one. Prior to hearing this amazing news, I was actually using ice trays. It has been a nightmare. However, for a measly $1.99, Sonic has come to my rescue with a 10 pound bag of amazingness.

2. We all know by now that Pinterest is a wonderful inspirational tool. I am sad to say the majority of boards I follow involve food and drink. I'll admit that my obsession with food is out of hand. So anyway... I kept seeing all these great pictures of yummy milkshakes. I went to the store a few days ago and bought way too many ingredients to make a few in my Magic Bullet. I'm talking... Oreo cookies, Chips Ahoy, Hershey's Cookies N Cream candy bar, vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream, and the list goes on. Let me tell you--I've been making approximately 3 a day. I'll be 50 lbs heavier in no time. My favorite? A simple vanilla shake with crushed Chips Ahoy. It reminds me of the homemade ice cream they made at Camp Pinehill all those summers ago. Ahhhh.... love! <3

3. BCBS called me this morning! After my interview, they have decided to move forward and are beginning the background check/credit check process. I also had to take the pre-employment drug screening today. So basically, I am rounding third base. If I can just make it past the credit check and the employment check okay, I should be offered a job sometime next week! Pray for me guys... because I'm terrified I've made it this far but will fail the credit check (even though I don't owe anyone money but had a charge off six years ago on a bank acct) or that my previous employer who fired me will cause me not to get it. I was honest on everything... so hopefully I will be okay. Just pray! :)


  1. I'm joining the Pinterest bandwagon today :)
    Good luck with the job- I'm prayin' for you!

  2. I LOVE Sonic ice! It pretty much is the best thing in the world! We moved to Iowa four years ago and we just got our first Sonic with in 100 miles a year ago...my friends totally didn't understand why I was so stoked! Yum!

  3. Yeah, JP is my guy too, and i al so hope he doesn't get that final rose. Ashley couldn't be more stupid! she isn't giving anyone a chance. Boy is she going to feel like an idiot actually watching these episodes.

    I still haven't given in to Pinterest, but I'm wavering. But magic bullet? We just got one this past weekend and it's the most-used item in our kitchen by a landslide!