04 May 2011

weekend recap (only a few days late)

Weekend Rundown:

Lia (and her brother, Shaun) departed New Jersey and flew into Myrtle on Friday morning. I had to work so I wasn't able to meet up with her until later that evening. I had hoped to meet up with her earlier, but I had to stop by my parents house after work and go home and shower. I wasn't able to meet up with her (and her entire clan) at Bumstead's until about 8:30.

There were quite a few people who came out to meet up with Lia and Shaun. It was a lot of fun! Something awesome (and equally creepy) happened too. There was an older man who kept staring at me the entire night. He was really making me nervous. After about two hours of constant staring, he walked up to me and handed me his business card. Once he walked off, I looked down at the card and there was a $50 bill wrapped around it. He had just paid his tab and left the building... leaving me $50 richer. It freaked me out because I never even spoke to the man. But, he was gone... so I tried not to psyche myself out. I just made sure that someone walked me to my car at the end of the night!

We left Bumstead's around 12:30-1 and made our way over to the late night bar. The majority had already gone home but me, Lia, and Brendon weren't ready for that just yet. :) So, we spent the rest of the evening there. Here are some pictures from Friday night:

Brendon - Me - Lia

Britani and Keith

me - Richard - Britani

me - Richard - Britani

I'm sad I didn't get more pictures of me and Lia together!

I spent Saturday by the pool at my parent's house. My brother, Elizabeth, and the kids came to visit. We had some great QT in the sun and shared take-out from Mellow Mushroom! Later that night, I met my friend Baine at Blarney Stone's to do some early birthday celebrating in her honor.

Lia had a wedding to attend in Calabash, NC on Saturday but she arrived back in MB early on Sunday. I met up with her and her brother at a poolside bar for some more sun! They showered at my house, we ate some dinner at Bumstead's, and I dropped them off at the airport at 8. 

That about sums up my weekend! 

Here are few pictures from the weekend before last that I never posted:

Chambord in the Saki!

Rich & I

Krissy - Tony - CC - Me - Rich



  1. $50 richer! Holla! Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. Does it make me weird that I wouldn't have been freaked out about the $50? The staring, yes... but the dollars... wooohoo! hahahaha GO GIRL!

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  4. bugh! I almost puked again seeing that saki. Anyway, you are so pretty, I hate you. No I don't really hate you. Looks like a lot of fun! I would enjoy this post even more if at this very moment I never wanted to drink alcohol again.