25 May 2011

late bachelorette thoughts

Look at me blogging up a storm today! :)

I meant to do a Bachelorette post yesterday but somehow got sidetracked. Anyway, I'm doing it now.

I don't typically watch The Bachelor/The Bachelorette because (for the most part) I feel like it's staged. I watched 15 minutes of Brad's second season and quickly turned the channel after the girl slapped his face. That was a bit much, don't you think? Not saying that it was a bit much in that he didn't deserve it... but saying that it was a bit much in that it was obviously one of ABC's ridiculous rating schemes. I digress.

However, I really enjoy reading The Possessionista's tweets during the show. She's hilarious! And, so many of you bloggers watch it and post about it... and I didn't want to disappoint... or miss out on the fun... or whatever. I didn't even realize it was going to be on until I saw everyone all "atwitter" about it. I decided to watch it for a bit and I got sucked in w/ the rest of you.

Here are my thoughts after the first episode:

I obviously don't know squat about this Ashley person because I didn't watch The Bachelor. I do know that she is a bit too giggly for my taste. All of these guys were NOT that charming and/or good looking. She said "I'm a hugger!" far too often. And, the minute that dude stepped out of the limo with a Batman mask on would have been the minute I sent him home. The fact that she didn't automatically tells me she's a moron.

She sent the drunk guy home early but called Batman down for the first rose during the rose ceremony? At least drunk guy knows how to have a good time. Batman is just creepy. I am sorry, but you are not wearing that thing because you want Ashley to choose you for the right reasons. You are wearing it because a) the producers asked you to or b) you think it is some type of gimmick that will cause you to stand out and get noticed. Both options are lame, so you can go home now.

With the exception of my two favorites and the obvious least favored, I don't remember anyone else. So, wait a minute... maybe Batman's gimmick did work after all. Oh well, it's still lame.


William is so down to earth and FUNNY! I see him lasting a while...


JP is awesome!
I don't know what it is about him but he just seems so sincere and open.
I'm diggin' it Mr. Carpenter Man!



Everyone was commenting on how weird his name was on Twitter, but I didn't find it unusual because I actually know a Bentley. 

Anyway, the producers painted him in this negative light before he even showed his face on the show. She was called by a friend and told he was there for the wrong reasons. They show previews of him being an ass... making cruel comments about how he wished it was some other girl... yada yada yada.

But why choose him to be the bad guy? He looks like a turtle in that picture... a turtle who is scared of that hideous plaid shirt he's wearing... so he's sticking his neck out trying to get away from it.

I will admit that he looked much better on the show. BUT... there is nothing more in this world that I cannot stand than a stupid girl. And, if Ashley wants him to stick around when it is already apparent that he is a douche... then she is a stupid girl. You aren't 16 anymore, honey. If you are still falling for that "bad boy" persona, if it is still that easy to pull one over on you... then you need to do some growing up and certainly don't need to be on The Bachelorette looking for a "husband." ECK!

But those are just MY thoughts on the show! :) Oh... and why were the first like 10 guys she gave roses to the ugliest ones there? They all looked the same and they all looked like they needed to wash their greasy hair! :)

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  1. I usually watch every season of the bachelor and bachelorette but I couldn't stand ashley on the bachelor so I decided not to watch her season.