06 May 2011

first friday confessional post!

This is my first time participating in Friday Confessional! It looks like fun... plus I am teaching my fellow blogger (& "boardie love") how to participate in link-ups! So, please do overlook the notes for her! :)

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[Sometimes the host explains what the linkup topic is and sometimes it is implied. Friday Confessional is your opportunity to confess what ever your little heart desires.]

I confess... that there is a child who attends the daycare who stinks to high heaven and I use hand sanitizer religiously when she is near me. I feel like a scumbag doing it but I'd rather feel like a scumbag than get some kind of sick from her germs.

I confess... that I hate watching the news. Our front lobby (which is where I work the majority of the time) shows the news on TV all day. The station they watch plays the same clips over and over and over again. I cannot tell you how tired I am of hearing about the Royal Wedding, the destructive tornadoes, and Osama Bin Laden.

I confess... that I cannot bring myself to celebrate the death of another person. Granted, I know that Bin Laden killed thousands of people and actively planned other acts of terrorism. But-- celebrating his death still seems wrong to me. I strongly believe that God gave life to everyone for a reason and it is not anyone's decision but His to end it.

I confess... that despite being American, I celebrated Cinco de Mayo last night like one of their own. I am now hating life and struggling to get through this work day on 2 hours of sleep. Yes, two. Luckily, my boss went out last night too and is struggling just as bad as I am.

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  1. Thank youuuuu!!! I love you so very much!!! I think/hope I did it correctly!!!! :-) :-) :-)

  2. This is too cute. I love the idea and I agree with you about celebrating someone's death.

    If you get a chance, check out my post today, we're doing a novel release party about the release of my first book! I'd love to have you stop by and be a part of the party! Have a fabulous Fashion Friday love! Kori xoxo


  3. i went out last night too, but luckily i was home and in bed by 11pm. who am i?! i should have been raisin' hell.

  4. Two hours! I wouldn't have even tried, haha I NEED my sleep!

    When I worked in day care there were a fair share of "stinky" kids or kids that weren't properly bathed with clean clothes. I felt bad for them but, how could their parents even stand it?!

  5. i seeeeeeriously love that you are helping your friend with link parties. LOVE.

    great confessions too...

    one thing that people often make the mistake of doing while linking up for link parties is adding the url to their whole blog...this is usually a little no no....

    When linking up to Friday Confessional we ask that you link your actual confession post and not just your blog url. The one we want looks like this:

    The one you left is just your url to your whole blog it looks like this:

    You can get the FC url to link by clicking your FC post title and grab the new url from the address bar. Easy peasy.

    So come link up your FC post, we don't want anyone to miss this, your confessions are just too good!

  6. I hate watching the news too...it's always so depressing!

  7. haha. this post is genius. never feel bad for using hand sanitizer. lol. amazing post. thanks love. Don't forget to swing by to see what accessories celebrities just can't live without. would love the support. xoxo

    For all the latest celebrity fashion news.

  8. Haha I bet you had so much fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo! I wish I had been able to go out!

  9. HAHA! So glad you linked up too. I love confessing. Sooo I confess I was sooo hungover today at work after spending all day at a Rangers/Yankee game chugging beer. I came to work with no make up on and my hair reaked of smoke (not from me, def don't smoke). I may or may not have had to puke my breakfast up in the downstairs lobby. Hello, Lindsey ... you are not in college anymore. It was absolutely HORRIBLE. So I feel you, hangovers at work are the absolutely worst.

  10. LOLOLOL!!! LOVED CINCO DE MAYO! My included midgets and sombreros!

  11. Just found your blog and I absolutley love it!!!! I will def be a new follower!! I too couldn't celebrate the death, but absolutley celebrated the holiday with no relevance to the us!! ahahha

    Feel free to check my blog out:

    ♥ Rorie

  12. i agree girl! the news is so depressing. LOVE your blog! i'm your newest follower!!