30 May 2011

blah blah blah my tooth still hurts blah blah

I am starting to get VERY annoyed with my tooth. Okay, I am PAST annoyed.

I know I have done nothing but gripe and complain about the stupid thing for weeks now (yes, I said weeks!) and I apologize. I am starting to wish I had just told the stupid dentist to extract the thing when he said I needed a root canal. At least that would have been the end of it.

I did have the root canal and that was not the end of it and my tooth has been in pain for over three weeks now. That is just ridiculous to me. I have always heard people say they go into the dentist fine and they come out with all these problems. I assumed they were exaggerations but now I am not so sure.

Quick rundown in case you forgot:

  • I went to the dentist because of a toothache.
  • Diagnosis: prior composite filling performed by a different dentist six years ago was breaking up inside my tooth.
  • I was given an antibiotic and told it would be refilled when I returned four days later.
  • I returned three days later because I was in crazy pain.
  • The dentist began the process but realized the filling was deeper than he anticipated.
  • He stopped drilling, refilled what he had taken out, and sent me to an endotontist to determine if a root canal was needed.
  • The endodontist determined that the prior filling was resting on the nerve and that was causing me pain.
  • A root canal was needed and I had it done that day.
  • My jaw and gums were incredibly sore for several days due to the amount of work I had done.
  • I waited a week and a half to return to the dentist for the temporary crown, on the recommendation of the endotontist, because my gums were so irritated.
  • During the week and a half between visits, the putty-type filling he put inside the tooth felt very soft and unreliable. And, because I am a hypochondriac and worried it was not strong enough and might fall out, I constantly poked at it with my tongue to ensure it was still in there. This did nothing to help my irritated gums.
  • Last Monday, I returned to the dentist for the temporary crown and fitting for the permanent crown.
  • My gums/jaw were still somewhat sore and I had a difficult time keeping my mouth stretched open for long periods of time.
  • The dentist decided to fill it with an amalgam filling for now and said he would crown it on a later date, if he felt it was necessary. 
  • After the Novocaine wore off, I immediately noticed a lot of pain and pressure but thought nothing of it. I assumed that I simply needed to allow the filling to adjust to my teeth.
  • I am still in pain today.
I wouldn't necessarily say I am in PAIN, but I am definitely experiencing some discomfort. It comes and goes too. It seems to be worse at night than during the day.

After doing a great deal of research, I have determined that I may have a "high filling." Apparently, the dentist can overestimate how much filling your tooth needs. This can cause your bite to be off. If your bite is off, it causes pressure on the tooth and results in irritated gums. 

I am seriously wondering when these dentist trips are going to end or if they ever will! I am going back tomorrow for him to check if it is a high filling. I am terrified it could be something worse and I might flip the F out in the chair if that's the case. If it is just a high filling, all he has to do is polish it down so that your bite is corrected. 

Why in the world does it seem like you walk out of there with more problems than you had before you went in there? It makes me not ever want to go to the dentist ever again. I have never had problems like this with my teeth. I had a few cavities when I was younger, but he always filled them and I had no complications. They were always caught before I had a toothache, so this is like the first one I've ever had. I do not wish it on my worst enemy... I can tell you that!


  1. I'm SO SORRY!!!! Tooth pain is, in my opinion, the WORST pain anyone can experience. I'm praying that you get some relief quick!!!

  2. Sometimes, a toothache can actually be caused by something else that has nothing to do with your tooth! I'm a dentist in NYC and just blogged about this very thing. Check it out, and good luck!