23 April 2011

book review - shelter me

Shelter Me - Juliette Fay

Amazon's synopsis:
After Janie LaMarche's husband, Robby, dies in a motorcycle accident, the 38-year-old Pelham, Mass., widow embarks on a year of transformations in Fay's wise and inspirational debut. Going through the bewildering and painful cycle of grief and anger while trying to hold it together for her children—preschooler Dylan and toddler Carly—is no walk in the park. Enter Tug Malinowski, an attractive contractor Robby had hired to build a screened-in porch to surprise Janie. Tug is divorced, childless and attracted to Janie while she's tempted by Fr. Jake Sweeney, who has a secret life of misery and fears casting aside his vow of celibacy. Fay's mingling of Janie's pithy journal excerpts with crisp traditional plotting adds a nice depth to Janie's journey to emotional healing. The concerns of single motherhood after sudden tragedy come vividly to life, and as Janie learns to appreciate everyday miracles, readers will be charmed.

I have been reading this book fooorrrreeevvvver.... partly because it wasn't all that interesting to me and partly because the only time I ever read is on my lunch break at work. So, when I wasn't working... I wasn't reading either. But, I finally finished it yesterday. 

I'm not really sure how I felt about this book. There were parts that I enjoyed and there were parts of the story that didn't make any sense to me.... like I wasn't sure why the author felt the need to add certain things to the story. But other than that, it was an okay read. If you run out of things to read on a sunny, Sunday afternoon... you could pick this one up and be pretty satisfied. But, it definitely wouldn't be my first choice.

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  1. The book is full of humor and various forms of love, and the details of life are captured just right. Juliette Fay has woven a fine story full of interesting and quirky characters.

    Personally I felt torn between wanting to read the book quickly, eager to see what would happen next, yet not wanting it to end. I highly recommend this book.

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