23 April 2011

around the bend...

Things are starting to get a little better and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is such a beautiful light. Baby steps are all I need right now.

Another wonderful thing happened yesterday -

I got a message from a girl I used to work with at Coastal (where I got fired). Someone from Child Protective Services has called there twice (on my old voice mail) to request an interview. I am so thankful that she was kind enough to let me though. But evidently, I applied for this position before I got fired.... so a) I know it had to be related to psychology/sociology and b) that it pays more money than I was making at Coastal. Otherwise, I doubt if I would have applied.

Anyway, she gave me the lady's number and I called her. She was out to lunch so I left her message explaining that I no longer worked at that number and to call me on my cell. When she called me back, she said she tried to reach me yesterday on my cell number but they had it written down wrong. I was relieved to know that her calls had been recent.

And with that being said... I have a job interview on Wednesday with DJJ. I am so excited about this potential opportunity so please keep your fingers crossed for me! It would be awesome if I got my acceptance letter into the USC's MSW program next week, too! YAY! :)

PS. Don't forget to enter my Spring polish swap!!!


  1. that job sounds amazing! good luck! and i'm so glad your mom is doing better!

  2. That's great that the girl called you to let you know! I doubt any of my coworkers or ex ones would have done that for me!