02 March 2011

WILW, Wordless Wednesday, & a little Mraz

What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. I am loving my new place... as much as moving and everything that goes along with it sucks... I have settled in quite nicely. I hog the bed... I hog the TV... I hog it all. Baxter is doing so well too. He hasn't had ONE accident in the apartment and that is unbelievable!

2. I am loving HTC... I have had horrible experience in the past with Time Warner Cable and therefore... I was greatly relieved when I was told cable was included with my rent and that it was serviced by HTC. I added on a DVR box and the HBO/Showtime packages. I figured I could afford that since I wasn't going to be paying for basic cable. I ordered wireless internet too.

When I called to set up the service, they told me they couldn't promise they would be able to hook it up until March 7th... but they called yesterday and I was able to take my lunch and meet them out there. I spent my entire night last night setting the DVR up to record all my favorite shows! :) It was heavenly.

3. I am loving adjustable water heaters... hahaha... my first few days in the apartment were not so great in the shower department. The water wasn't cold but even at the hottest temperature setting... I was not feeling that steamy feeling when I took my shower. I even forgot to rinse out my conditioner yesterday because I was so ready to get outta there (which made for a lovely hair day, by the way)! I made my dad come by yesterday and adjust it. I am glad to say that this morning I took a scalding hot shower.

4. I am loving my new purchases... I went to Forever 21 with Veronica yesterday and wasn't expecting to buy anything because that place overwhelms me like no other. They just have too much crap in there and you have to spend too much time weeding through it all. Anyway... I found a striped sweater, cute little tank top, and a skirt (all of which I could not find on their website--again... too much crap).

I also stopped by American Eagle and purchased these three tops:

AE Floral Peasant Cami
The one I got is a slightly different pattern than this but it wasn't online.

AE Racer Print Tank
This is so cute with the zipper detail on the racer back.
and it fits really loose... really hippy-ish... love it.

AE Tied Tunic
again- I got this in navy but that choice isn't available online either.

5. I am loving Jason Mraz... and the possibility of a trip to see him at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in April. I am trying to get a group of people to go because I think it was be aMRAZing! Along with J Mraz, other artists include Wyclef, Lauryn Hill, Avett Bros, Wilco, Bon Jovi, Jimmy Buffett, Kid Rock, John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, The Roots, Cyndi Lauper, Amos Lee, and Kenny G. I am determined to make it happen. Tickets for the shows for the entire weekend are $120 and that isn't bad at all.



  1. Love the tops :) Glad things are going well in your new place!

  2. I havent been blogging very long myself. I came across your prayer request on Life Worth Waiting for. Anyway I love your blog and your spirit and the cute random pics you post! Just wanted you to know you can make it thru this new journey!


  3. I really like those 3 shirts! Hope you have a great week!

  4. Thanks for playing along!

    I love Jason Mraz too :)