14 March 2011

weekend recap and [2] book reviews


I left Myrtle Beach on Friday around noon and drove up to Charlotte, NC to stay with my friend Tara and her husband. It was the worst drive in the world. I don't know why I thought it would be a quick and easy drive but it took me nearly four hours... and it sucked every mile of the way. I somehow missed my exit on Charlotte's freeway and my GPS took me some ass backward way to get to her house.

I finally arrived somewhere around 4 and she gave me a tour of her house and we caught up on each others lives... it had been many months since we were able to sit down and really talk... so that was nice! Around 6, we drove to Midnight Diner to grab some dinner. I ordered a classic grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of chicken noodle soup and it was sooooo yummy! (Leave it to me to order like a kid.) I got a beautiful view of downtown Charlotte in the parking lot. This building was lit up in orange and purple for the Charlotte Bobcats but I like to believe it was just for me instead... with Clemson colors!

After dinner, we went next door to the Gin Mill where Jordan (her husband) was DJing for the night. We didn't stay very long because I was tired and we had to get up early the next day. Once we got home, we went to sleep... which I believe was even before 11 pm.

The next morning was the big St. Patrick's Day pub crawl. In previous years, Jordan had to stand in long lines to get registered... so we thought we would leave early and get ahead. They booked a hotel room downtown so that they wouldn't have to drive home after drinking... so we headed to the hotel to leave our car at around 10 am. Once we got to the hotel, we took a shuttle to the registration location.

Yes, you have to register for this pub crawl. It is this huge organized thing that two men just randomly started one year. You register... get a koozie and t-shirt (which everyone has to wear... which also pissed me off) and sign a waiver! That was pretty scary. But once you are registered and you have your shirt... they give you an itinerary that you follow. It consists of like 20 pubs... you gain free entry by wearing the t-shirt. There are two itinerary's to follow so that the group breaks up after the first stop and then meets up at the end of the night at a concert at the Epicentre. The amount of people there was ridiculous.

We did not follow our itinerary and just did our own thing. We didn't even stop at that many bars/pubs either because some were just insanely crowded. The first bar we went to was Phoenix and it had a rooftop and that was probably my favorite of them all. It was a nice day out and they had couches up there and it was all very chill. After this weekend, I came to realize that I am simply too old for this kind of mess... haha... I prefer the chill low-key events.

Anyway, after Phoenix, we went to The Breakfast Club which is an 80's themed club. It was pretty cool too... although I think I would enjoy it more when it is actually evening instead of 3 pm. We danced for a while and then headed to our next location... Republic. We actually stayed out in the parking lot during most of our time there. The crowd was just ridiculous and it was easier to talk without having to shout out there.

After Republic, we went to Prohibition. It was starting to get a bit later now and people were starting to act more rowdy. We witnessed two guys get arrested outside of the bar. Some guy also tried to steal Jordan's wallet right out of his pocket. Crazy! We finally made it inside after waiting 30 minutes in line... only for me to wait another 30 to use the bathroom. Grrrr... after having the worst bathroom experience imaginable... we decided to move along.

We went ahead to the Epicentre where the "crawl" ended and went to Howl at the Moon. It is a piano bar and it wasn't quite as crowded as the previous places. I was having an okay time there but... in all honesty... I was pretty miserable. I just felt out of element and I didn't know anyone but Tara... the crowds were annoying the crap out of me... and I was getting home sick. I came to the final conclusion that this was not my cup of tea and told Tara I was going home. I felt bad for leaving... but I wasn't going to sit there for several more hours as miserable as I was... it would have ruined everyone's good time. My car was at Tara's house... not the hotel... so I paid $60 for a cab ride to my car and then I drove the torturous drive home. I finally got home around 1 am and have never been so excited to see my bed in my life. I did have a good time at some of the bars... earlier in the day... but I doubt I will ever go to that event again. Here are the few pics I did manage to get:

Sunday, I was lazy as I could be... I sat around watching TV and doing laundry. I didn't leave my house and was asleep by 9:30.


Beautiful Boy by David Sheff

This book was really interesting. David Sheff recounts his experiences dealing with his son who happens to be addicted to methamphetamine. It is heartbreaking at times and the same patterns repeat themselves enough times for you want to scream at the author... "Get a clue!" But it is very informative, detailed, and an interesting read.

My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands by Chelsey Handler

This book is hilarious. I have recently started watching Chelsey Lately on a regular basis and I thought I would give her books a try. I had previously heard good things about them... so I purchased the first one she wrote and I finished it within three days. I'm not sure if these experiences are 100% true as she describes them... but they sure are hilarious... and the way she writes is very entertaining. If you haven't read this yet and you aren't easily offended... you should definitely read it!


  1. so glad you had a great time. i love the epicenter...it's so fun.

    and Chelsea's other book Are You There Vodka? is my fave out of the 3 she's written. it literally made me LOL.

  2. sorry ur big plans for the weekend kinda suucked. ;( i hate getting all excited about something then it disappointing you...atleast i know never to go that event now!

  3. First off I bought your gift and will be sending it tomorrow :). I've been living in the Charlotte area for almost 4 years now and never was motivated to go to that event. Now that I know more about I doubt I will ever go. So sorry you didn't have a good time. I remember I had to drive a friend to the airport in Raleigh [long story]. It was horrible especially since it was about the time gas was almost $ 5 a gallon and she gave me $ 15 for gas. Ugh, just horrible. Anyways, glad you are home now.

  4. Registering for a pub crawl?! That's serious business!