01 March 2011

Top 2 Tuesday: $$$

Top 2 Things You've Learned About Money

1. Saving

If you asked my mom, she would tell you I've learned nothing about money.... ha! And... I haven't... until recently. SAVING is super important... especially when something unexpected happens (eh hem... like a breakup) and you need that extra cash you've set aside. I recently opened a savings account and it saved my rear end last week.

I have always been the one who constantly feels like I've got a hole burning in my pocket. Instant gratification = happiness :) But when I got my tax refund check this year... I did something I have never done. I put it in my savings account and didn't go on a crazy shopping spree (with the exception of my iPhone & a few other small goodies). It feels felt really nice knowing I had that money set aside.

Another tip- check to see if your bank has a "roll over" type of program. I bank with Bank of America and they have a program called Keep the Change. Every time I use my debit card, they round the price up to the next dollar and they transfer that change into my savings account that night. So, if I make purchases today with my debit card of $4.32, $20.84, and $154.12, they transfer $1.31 into my savings account. It sounds like such a small amount, but you would be surprised how fast it adds up. For instance, I just started this program in mid-January and I have already accumulated $64.00 worth of change! Plus, for the first six months... BOA matches the change that is transferred and will mail me a check for the total amount at the end of six months. That's free money! Holllllerrrr.

2. Coupon Codes

I am a habitual online shopper. I really hate the actual task of shopping... even if I love buying the item itself. I hate everything about it... retail sales people constantly asking if I need help, the crowds, trying clothes on, all of it. So... 9 times out of 10, I purchase it online. If it doesn't fit or I don't like it... I simply mail it back or get my money back by refunding it at the store. (Now that... I don't mind.) 

Therefore, coupon codes are a big deal to me and you can almost always find one. The one thing I don't enjoy about online shopping is paying for shipping... but I can usually find a code to get it free and most places will ship for free if you spend a certain amount of money anyway.


Here is what I usually do: find an item I want to buy, perform a Google search for a coupon code from that retailer, and cha-ching!

Plus, if you use E-bates... they give you cash back for shopping through their site. Or if you want to go another route... nonprofitshoppingmall.com donates a percentage of your purchase to the organization of choice. Now, that beats scrounging the stores for deals... coupon codes + charity donations > crowds and the smell of stale pretzels.

You can always find coupon codes at See Chloe Shop but here are some other great sites:

Retail Me Not
Free Shipping Dot Org
Coupon Cabin
Live Hot Deals


  1. yaaay love coupon codes!!! sometime i can find codes up to 20 or 30% off!! that makes me happy. ;) and dang i wish we had a BOA in my town..that sounds fantastic!

  2. LOVE coupon codes! I'm a big online shopper. It's so great being able to find promo codes online. My mom would say I don't know much about money either, all I know is how to spend it! I am getting better at saving too! Love your blog, just came over from Belle in the City! I'm your newest follower :)


  3. i refuse to buy anything online until i have a coupon code. i always shop online. i will search for hours until i come across a code that works before I hit that "submit order" button :)

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