21 March 2011

playing catch up on the blog challenge

Day 3 (Friday) - What you ate today -
I ate a sausage biscuit and hash brown from McDonald's, Velvetta shells 'n cheese, and some pizza from Dominos. Man, I'm healthy.

Day 4 - (Saturday) Short term goals for this month and why
Hmmm.... this month is nearly over. I suppose I would say finish out my bracket with a higher percentage than anyone else :)

Day 5 - (Sunday) Your day
LAZY. I watched some basketball... I slept a lot... I watched Pulp Fiction... I made sausage dip.

Day 6 - (Monday) Someone you want to switch lives with for a day and why
I wouldn't mind switching lives with someone rich and famous for a day ... just to buy whatever I want and see what their lives are like. I am sure I would hate it for any more than a day though. 
PS. I'm sorry these kind of suck but I am sick right now with God only knows what (going to the doctor this morning) and my tonsils are the size of pancakes and my head feels a little woozy ... so if these answers don't make any sense. I apologize. 

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