10 March 2011

a lot of randomness

This has been the longest week ever. I had to drive to Columbia yesterday for a work conference. Columbia is a two and half hour drive from here... for those of you that aren't familiar with SC. That meant I had to get up at FIVE AM yesterday. Of course, being the idiot that I am... I decided to go out with my friend Carlie for Fat Tuesday.

In my defense, I had not planned to go out and she was having a really rough day. I wanted to be there for her to reassure her that her "so-called friends" are assholes and that she didn't deserve to be treated like a doormat. So, I did just that. I was at least half way responsible and called it a night around midnight. But still... me and five hours of sleep do not go well together.

This conference was the most boring thing I have ever sat through in my entire life... no exaggeration. If there is anything more boring than listening to a bunch of feds (department of education) going over changes to rules and regulations in financial aid for eight hours... I don't know what it is.... nor do I want to ever find out. By the time I got home last night... I was so physically and mentally drained that it didn't take much for me to pass out in like 2.5 seconds.

I was so grumpy that I even snapped at my mom... I never do that. She loves to hear herself talk :) and I usually don't mind at all because I know she doesn't really talk to many other people but me and my dad... but she kept talking over me and I just lost it. I screamed, "LISTEN TO ME!" and when she claimed she was I said, "NO, YOU AREN'T! YOU KEEP INTERRUPTING ME!" and she apologized. We got off the phone a few minutes after that but I felt so bad later that I called her back and apologized and listened to her talk for nearly 45 minutes even though my eyelids were drooping the entire time.

Anyway, this weekend will be the break that I need from this long week! I am leaving tomorrow straight after work to drive to Charlotte, NC and spend the weekend with my friend Tara. They are having some huge St Patrick's Day pub crawl... which should be fun. It will at least get me out of Myrtle Beach! It is college spring break time right now and the youngen's are already driving me nuts. On the way home last night, there were two teeny boppers in like an older red mustang with green glow lights underneath the car and were revving the engine and driving right beside me... no faster, no slower. I was like seriously guys... no one thinks you are cool with those deuche-y lights in that old weak ass car and you're getting on my nerves... so chill out before I run you off the road. :)

One good thing that came out of my trip to Columbia... I stopped by the mall on my way out and got the cutest green top for Saturday from Francesca's. I couldn't find it online but I am sure you will see pictures from this weekend.


  1. I love One Republic. They are going to be nearby Sun, but none of my friends want to go with me to see them. Dang it.
    And I totally would have thrown a drink out the window onto the douchey old lame ass Mustang.

  2. LOVE Fabolous & LOVE Francesca's!

  3. Oh that sounds like it would have been the longest drive! I love Eminem!