17 March 2011

blog challenge day two - parents

My parents are fabulous. My dad (Mikell) and my mom (Ricki) have been married for 44 years. My dad is 67 and my mom is 64. That seems unreal to me because they do not seem that old to me... they don't look their age and are still very active.

My mom grew up in Valdosta, GA and moved to Mullins, SC in the middle of her junior year of high school. Her granddaddy was a farmer and when he passed away, he left the farm to her dad... which was the reason for the move to Mullins. Her dad was one of nine children but he was the only one who chose not to go to college and instead stayed to help his dad with the farm. Therefore, he was the one who inherited it... which caused a huge rift in his family because his siblings were upset that they weren't left any part of it. But--that's a story for another day and they patched things up way before I was born. Anyway, my mom has two siblings--my uncle Owen who still lives in Mullins and my aunt Wanda who lives here at the beach. Owen is a year and a half younger than my mom and Wanda is seven years younger than my mom.

My dad grew up in Marion, SC (which is just outside of Mullins) and lived there his entire life. My dad has three siblings--my uncle Joe (who passed away when I was 15... the war really messed him up and he lived in a nursing home w/ my grandma until he passed), my aunt Paula (who passed away last year), and my uncle Bill (who is two years younger than my dad).

He and my mom met when she was 17 and he was 21 working as a lifeguard at the public pool. The following year was his last year of college (he majored in History at Clemson) and after graduating... he joined the Navy. Growing up, his dad was an alcoholic and his parents fought all the time. He didn't want to be around it anymore and joined the Navy so that he wouldn't be living at home.

Before joining the Navy, he and my mom got married and my mom went off to school at Clemson. Her first year there was the first year they allowed women into the college... which I think is pretty awesome. She majored in Education. She stayed in a small house in Seneca and he went to boot camp.

After boot camp, my dad was stationed in San Diego, CA. My mom moved out there with him and took some time off from college. After some time passed... my dad got drafted to Vietnam. So, my mom transferred to Campbell College in NC and finished out her education. When my dad got back home from Vietnam, he and my mom bought a house in Dillon, SC and started teaching. My dad also took a few classes at USC and got a master's degree in counseling.

My mom worked at an elementary school teaching first grade for 30+ years. My dad worked at a school that housed only 7th graders and was the guidance counselor. He also taught a few classes here and there if it was needed. He worked there until his retirement and then taught 5th grade in Lauringburg, NC for five years. So, now he gets a retirement check from both North and South Carolina. Way to work the system, Dad!

They really are wonderful parents. I couldn't have asked for better ones... they are supportive and do way more for me than I deserve. I hope that I am half the person both of them are when I'm older.


  1. I love these pics and how much you love your parents. My heart gushed over the whole post!

  2. Hey girl!! Got your message!! Chappel is such a sweet girl!! Crazy that we have mutual friends...happy Friday!! xo