22 March 2011

blog challenge day seven - moment

When participating in blog challenges such as these... often times... it is difficult for me to decide exactly what to post about and this topic presented that problem for me. There are a billion moments every single day to blog about... and an infinite amount in your lifetime. How do you choose which one to explain in greater detail? Do you choose one of the more important ones? But who is to say that this moment is more important than that moment? OK... I'm getting a little too philosophical here. Anyway... I decided to post about one of the most recent ones so that I can describe it in greater detail because I remember it well... the moment in which I woke up yesterday and my tonsils were about the size of pancakes.

That wasn't such a fun moment for me. I woke up to get ready for work... and although my throat was a little sore over the weekend... I was not prepared for what I woke up to yesterday morning. Like I said, tonsils the size of pancakes. The moment I woke up... I could instantly tell that my glands were swollen and I was afraid to swallow because I feared it would hurt really bad... and it did. I knew I had to go to the doctor... so I tried to make an appointment with the last doctor I saw when I was sick. Unfortunately, they couldn't make an appointment for me yesterday. I had previously decided that she would be my regular doctor... because I have simply gone to a clinic ever since I moved here and never found one doctor that I wanted to be my primary one.  But--what is the point in having a primary doctor if they can't see you when you need them? PSSSHHHH.

So, I just started down the list of doctors in the Yellow Pages... searching for someone who could make me an appointment. I found one that could see me at 10:30 and off I went. I didn't have to wait long at all... I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. He was very thorough and told me that I needed to see the same doctor every time I got sick so they would know my history and yada yada yada. I was sick several times last year with cold junk and every time I went to the clinic... they gave me a steroid shot and I felt better in a few days. However, I think this was my downfall because I was never truly getting rid of the problem.

I suspected I had strep because of the severity of pain in my throat. Turns out, I have a really severe sinus infection. I didn't realize it because evidently I was so congested that I wasn't coughing or having a runny nose or anything... it was just all blocked up in there. So, when I started taking the medicine he gave me yesterday... it started breaking up and now I think I'm dying.... I was hocking up bloody loogies this morning... I know you wanted to hear that :) KILL ME AND THIS MOMENT NOW.


  1. That last part was a little gross. haha.
    Hope you feel tons better soon!