30 March 2011

blog challenge day fifteen - favorite memory

The majority of my favorite memories consist of times spent at my grandparents house in Mullins, SC. My granddaddy was a farmer and we would typically go to their house on Sunday afternoons for lunch. Sometimes my cousins would join us... and sometimes it would just be my family and my grandparents. I miss my Granny & Granddaddy Beeson more than I could ever put into words. When you are young, you don't understand the importance of savoring every second with them... I would whine about having to go over there all the time... and now... what I wouldn't give to be able to visit them for just five more minutes.

My granddaddy died of bladder cancer when I was 15 years old. That stubborn old man (who I am so much alike) refused to go to the doctor and when he finally did and found out that he had cancer... he refused to go through treatment because he had seen how horrible it could be when he watched others he knew go through it. But-- he know what he wanted & did what he wanted... and he held his head high and was constantly smiling and he passed away holding my mama's hand. My granny passed away four years later when I was 19 years old... peacefully in her sleep... from old age. She survived living with a severe case of diabetes and suffered several strokes... and she said every single day that she "wanted to go home" and be with Fred... and she finally got what she wanted and her happiness... and I am sure they are loving every second together up above. 

My grandparents had a lot of land... so me and my cousins would always find something to get into over there. There was a pecan tree in the middle of this field that we would spend hours underneath picking pecans. We would find fun in picking butter beans and shelling them in front of the TV. We spent a lot of time fishing in their pond. They had horses and cows and we would wander across the pond and climb a tree and then manage to get stuck up there because outta nowhere came 15 cows (and even a few bulls) surrounding the tree. We were always outside and we were always having fun.

But, my favorite memories are of the times I spent alone with my granddaddy. He would take me to Marlowe's Grocery (which has since burnt down) and let me fill up a brown bag full of all of the candy I wanted... and he would sit me on one knee and sing me a little tune as he slapped the beat on the other knee with his hand.... "oh show me the way to go home... I'm tired and I wanna go to bed... I took me a drink about an hour ago and it went right to my head..."

Oh how I miss and love you Granddaddy & Granny Beeson!

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