04 March 2011

all of the friday-themed posts rolled into one

First up.... Fill In The Blank Friday with The Little Things We Do.

1. The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is ... oh gah... oh stop ittttt... and legit.
2. Today I am thankful for my family... they are coming to visit from Columbia this weekend!
3. My best friend is Chapell... who lives in Florence, SC with her husband, 1 year old daughter Caroline, and another lil one on the way!
4. A quirky thing about me is that I have an irrational fear of knocking my teeth out. I constantly think about it when I'm walking across parking lots... I picture myself falling and knocking my teeth out.
5. This weekend I am going to spend lots and lots of time with my family and possibly attend the CCU/UNCA bball game tomorrow if the tix aren't sold out already.
6. Something that worries me is not getting acceptance into grad school. I will be crushed.
7. On my night stand you would find my cell phone, alarm clock, coaster, and iPod player.

On to the next one.... Flashback Friday with my girl Beth and Miss Bear

I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston
this song makes me happy :)


yep, that is one year old Jane Doe

On to the next one... Show Us Your Life {Family Edition} with Kelly

my mama at 20

my brother when he was five or six

my dad, me, my brother, and our dog ginger


don't even ask me WHAT is up with this picture... but
that's my mom, my bro, and me at his college graduation


  1. thanks for participating and i love the oldie pics! you were such a cute little girl! :)

  2. i linked up w/ fill in the blank friday!

  3. Love all the pictures!! Its always fun to go back and look at all the pictures and remember the memories! Happy Friday!

  4. OH MY GOSH... I freaking love your answers, pics and this post! Nothin' better than pics that are blasts from the past! I am going to try this "fill in the blank friday" next Friday! Thanks girl!


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