13 February 2011

weekly purchases and catching you up with my life

Hello blog lovers! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! The weather here is amazing today--mid 60's--and the forecast shows mid 60's for the rest of the week. I sure hope Mr. Weather Bug is right.

Does anyone have special Valentine's Day plans? Me & B aren't doing much. I have never really been big into Valentine's Day. I told B not to get me anything because we need to save our money right now. And I absolutely refuse to go out to dinner on V-day because of the wait times, crowds, and massive amounts of PDA. No, thank you. So, we will probably cook dinner and snuggle up on the couch and watch TV. That sounds peachy keen to me.

In other news, our house B's mom's house is officially on the market. The 'For Sale' sign is posted in the yard. The pictures have been taken and the video tour will soon be up for all the world to see. We have known for quite some time that she would be selling the house. It just sucks now that it's here because I miss Baxter. He is staying with my parents until we move because I don't want him to have an accident on the freshly cleaned white carpet and I don't want to worry about him being crated during the day because of showings.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it on the blog before... but my maternal grandfather was a farmer. He grew soybeans, tobacco, and cotton mostly. He was so good at his job and he worked so hard.

He passed away when I was 15 years old and he left the farmland to my mom and her two siblings. The farm hasn't amounted to much since he passed away. For a while, my mom and my aunt wanted to sell a portion of the land but my uncle wouldn't agree to it. He wanted to sell it all or sell none of it... and my mom and aunt had a hard time letting go of a portion that held many memories for them.

Recently, a man contacted my mom about his interest in buying the land. My mom and aunt still didn't want to part with the 'Beeson' farm (the portion where his house sits and holds many memories) but somehow convinced my uncle to sell the 'Reeves' farm. The Reeves farm is one my granddaddy bought after my mom was older and therefore... the family doesn't have strong ties to it. They all agreed, sold the farm, and split the money three ways.

Now-- the buyer wants to purchase the Beeson farm too. My mom and aunt have talked it over and over... and after coming to the conclusion that my granddaddy would want the land to be used for farming rather than just sitting there... they have agreed to sell it, as well. It is currently in the works now and should close in about a month.

The purpose of this story is basically to say now that my parents are going to have all this money... they are thinking of buying a house. My parents are older (67 and 63) and my dad is starting to have trouble with his knees. They currently live in a condo on the third floor and he is having a hard time climbing the stairs every day. The plan is to purchase a house and-- a) me and B move into the house for a few years while we save money and build our credit... the house market will pick up and my parents will sell the condo and move into the house or b) they will move into the house and me and B will move into their condo for a few years. However, that probably isn't going to happen anytime soon... so, for now... me and B are searching for a place to rent for a year or two. We are doing this simply to avoid having to scramble if and when the house sells. It has been mighty stressful.

I did get some good news this week though--one of my previous professors has already submitted her letter of recommendation for my application into the MSW program! She told me that it may take at least a month for her to write the letter. I met with her about a week ago and was very surprised when the school sent me an e-mail stating that she had already submitted it. In addition to that--I was having a difficult time finding a second person to submit a letter for me. The problem was that I didn't have many professors for numerous classes and so there wasn't anyone who really knew me or my work well enough to write a letter on my behalf. I was finally able to contact the department chair (who also happened to be my adviser) and he agreed to write one for me. That is so awesome and I'm getting so excited!


My mom gave me and my brother some money from the sale of the farm. I also got my tax refund back recently. I was a good little girl and put the majority of it in my savings account. However, I did set aside some indulgence money for myself... and here are my purchases this week:










YAY! :)
+ car charger 


  1. I want the iphone4! SO FUN :)
    And those clothes are gorgeous. Love the Gap jeans!

  2. OMG I love that SOME E ECARD. I need to steal it.

  3. Fun post!!! Love your purchases :) I can't wait to get tax money back ;) Looking forward to seeing what happens with your living situation....moving is always so stressful especially when it includes selling a house! Good luck!!