14 February 2011

valentine's day survey

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1. What is your favorite romantic comedy?
What girl could name just one? Here are a few of my favorites...

Definitely, Maybe
It definitely, may be one of my favorite movies of all time... not just romantic movie.
I rarely cry at movies and I cry every time.

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton

 I'm not gonna lie... this movie is a really cheesy/corny one.
BUT, it is really sweet. and I love Topher Grace.
and Josh Duhamel isn't too bad to look at either.

The Notebook
This list would not be complete without this classic.
Everyone wants a story like Allie and Noah.

13 Going on 30

I love Jennifer Garner and I love this feel good romantic comedy.

2. What are your favorite flowers?

3. What is your favorite Valentine's Day treat to eat?
The same for ALL holidays--the Reese Penut Butter Cup Shape (Heart/Tree/Egg/Pumpkin) YUM!

4. Describe your best Valentine's Day.
As I mentioned yesterday... I'm not really big into Valentine's Day and never have been... I have always told my boyfriend not to make a big deal out of it because I think it is such a cheesy holiday. It is fun when you are a kid and get to send valentine cards to your friends and get surprise lovegrams or whatever your school happened to call them... but I think it is a bit too much for the "grown-ups". So, I would have to say the year my PARENTS sent me flowers to work! That was mighty kind of them. :)

5. What has been the most romantic night of your life?
YUCK... here we go again. One of the main reasons for my thoughts mentioned above is simply due to the fact that I am not a very affectionate person. The mere sight of PDA makes me want to vomit. I don't like to cuddle. I don't like to hold hands. I don't like to be called by a pet name. My dad used to say it was a death wish for a guy to give me flowers... because everytime one of them did... I was annoyed and didn't see too much of them after that. I have always felt if a guy gives you flowers... he's trying too hard. I'm not really sure how or why I am this way... but the fact of the matter is... I am this way. I am pretty upfront about this when I start dating a guy and haven't had many "romantic" nights because of this... and I am glad for it. Don't get me wrong... I love B and cherish him and would do anything for him... just not participate in any mushy wushy gushy gushy stuff.

6. What's your go to date night outfit?
When B & I go out on the weekends, I simply wear heels with a pair of jeans and a dressy top.

7. Where is your favorite place to go on a date?
The movies! I don't go as often as I'd like so I always get excited when we have a movie date!

8. Store bought Valentine's or homemade?
Either... as long as it comes from the heart <33

9. What is your favorite love song?
Nothing Fancy by Dave Barnes

10. If you had to pick a date for Valentine's who would it be?
B... of course!