17 February 2011

reviews (a book, a movie, and a product)

BOOK REVIEW: A Wedding in December by Anita Shreve

It was fairly good but definitely but not her best work. I purchased it at Books-A-Million in one of the clearance bins... so that should tell you something.

The story takes place at a small inn on the outskirts of a New England town. The owner of the inn fixed up a huge house that she once resided in with her now-widowed husband. She is currently hosting a wedding for dear high school friends--Bill & Bridget--who have found each other again. The wedding brings together a group of individuals who were very close at one time but haven't spoken to or seen each other in years. Old memories rehash themselves, old lovers find themselves in the throes of temptation, and old grudges show their ugly faces.

For a reason I'm not sure of... one of the characters (Agnes) is writing a book about the explosion at Halifax and the story she is writing segways into the entire novel. It can be confusing at times and I'm not entirely sure why this was included by the author. Perhaps it was a way to better understand Agnes and her actions. At times, I even found myself wanting to read more of the story Agnes was writing rather than the story of the wedding... so that was kind of weird.

This book is full of characters... so I will give you a quick rundown here:

Nora-- the owner of the inn and host of the wedding; widowed from her well-known poet husband; the girlfriend of the high school heart throb; sweet and naturally beautiful

Agnes-- the most responsible of the group; now teaches at the boarding school they once attended; never been married or had kids; participating in an ongoing secret affair with one of their previous teachers

Bridget-- the bride-to-be who is marrying her high school sweetheart after all these years; once married and divorced; has a teenage son named Matt; battling breast cancer

Bill-- the groom-to-be; left his wife to be with Bridget; has a 19 year old daughter who refuses to be a part of his life

Steven-- the high school heart throb who died their senior year of high school

Harrison-- the best friend of Steven and all around good guy; loved Nora from afar his entire life; married and has two boys

Jerry-- the obnoxious one out of the group; has a powerful job and beautiful wife

Rob-- the baseball hero turned pianist turned homosexual

Overall, this book was merely okay... there were parts of it that were very interesting and there were parts of it that were not. I'd give this book an overall average grade of C.

MOVIE REVIEW: Going the Distance

Erin (Drew Barrymore) is interning as a journalist for a NYC newspaper. Garrett (Justin Long) manages musicians and works for a recording company. They both had crummy days--Erin being criticized for her work & Garrett being dumped by his girlfriend because of his lack of commitment--and head to the bar for drinks. They meet each other at said bar by arguing over a videogame machine and hit it off. Erin mentions that her internship is ending in six weeks and states that she will be moving back to San Francisco. They agree to keep things open and just have fun. However, when the six weeks are up... the two have a difficult time saying good-bye and agree to try the long distance thing. The rest of the movie is generally about the hardships of such relationships and trying to make them work.

I wasn't a fan of this movie... at all. I typically enjoy romantic comedies... even the really cheesy ones... but this one just SUCKED. The camera seemed shaky... there was absolutely no chemistry between the characters which made it hard to get into their story... and it just seemed like they were trying too hard to be funny in a one-liner-hangover-knocked up-40 year old virigin kind of way. It didn't work. The jokes failed. And, this movie sucked. Don't waste your time. I give this movie a rating of D-

PRODUCT REVIEW: Clarisonic Mia

YAY! In case you missed it, I won this bad boy in a giveaway on Shasta Anne's blog! It arrived yesterday and it was just what I needed!

I used it last night and again this morning... and I can already tell a difference! It is is amazing how smooth it makes my skin feel... and it has already made a significant difference on the blackheads on my nose. I bet those nasty things will be gone in no time. I've already ordered a larger bottle of the cleansing gel from Sephora and I am so happy about the great things this product will do for my skin. I obviously give this product an A++++

Thanks again, Shasta! You're the best! :)


  1. We are excited to hear that you are already awarding the Clarisonic an A++++. We look forward to hear more about your cleansing experience as you continue to use it. Find us on Twitter @Clarisonic or facebook.com/Clarisonic. Happy Cleansing!

  2. HAHA! I love that Clarisonic commented on your blog! My heart is so happy knowing that you are enjoying it! Another great product to use with it is the Epicuren acne cleanser, it is incredibly mild but effective, has no preservatives or petro-chemicals. Email me if you have any questions! Have a great day!