06 February 2011

new design, spotted fashion & a few purchases

Hello ladies. You may or may not have noticed my new blog design. I worked on it yesterday morning and there are still a few tweeks that need to be made... but I did it all by myself & I am so proud!! :)

I never thought I'd be able to create a scrapbook style header but after doing some online research... I figured it out. I assumed that you needed Adobe Photoshop and I'm not sure if everyone is aware of how expensive that software is (because I sure wasn't!) but that ish is expensiveeeeeee!! The cheapest I could find it online was like $188 but I saw a few sites that had it listed for more than $300! I'm not sure about all the differences and what all it can do for you... but I knew that I wasn't paying that much money for it - especially since I don't even know how to use it! Pssssh!

Instead, I found some FREE software for download called Gimp. I found it very difficult to use too but there were some things I needed it for & was at least able to figure out how to do that.

So basically, all I did was purchase a graphic design scrapbook kit from Pinkle Berry Pop for $5. I downloaded the files and saved to my computer. The kit I purchased had 12 patterned papers, 6 borders, 6 flowers, 3 butterflies, 8 buttons (4 styles), 3 squared frames, 3 scalloped frames, and much more!

After I downloaded the files, I upgraded to premium on Picnik once I learned that I could use the layering tool. It is only $2.08 a month & I use it almost every day.... so it's worth it to me. 

So with my premium upgrade at Picnik and with the $5 I spent on the kit... I saved a lot of $$$ by not paying someone else to do it for me. I know it probably isn't the quality that some of these wonderful designers can create... but I like it! Evidently someone must not have been too impressed with it because I lost a follower today. ::in my best Snookie voice:: WAH!!!

Ok.... so onto the purchases I placed. Y'all may seriously think I'm a dork when I admit to you that I still shop at American Eagle. I'm nearly 30 years old and prefer AE clothes over almost any other store. Oh well... it is what it is. So, here are the items I purchased online today:

Artist Jeans in Antique Dark Wash
their Artist jeans are one of my all time favorites

 Hooded Windbreaker
I love the color & it will be perfect for the cooler nights on the beach during Spring.

 Black Watch
super cute & on sale for $19.99
I already have a white acrylic Swatch, silver Fossil, and now this.
All I'm missing now is the MK Tortoiseshell that I've been eying for months!

Metallic Silhouette Bracelets

AE Double Leather Belt

Here are some cute items that I came across today but have not purchased.... yet.

LOFT Waterfall Floral Twist Neck Shell
LOFT Sequined Boatneck Top - this too

ALDO Bergo Peep-toe Pumps

Silver Bow Ring

Under One Sky Double Buckle Bag

MB Bow Bag

Tulu Foldover Faux Leather Crossbody Bag

BR Super Skinny Leather Belt

Athena Turquoise Flash Ring

Gap Wide Leg Trouser Jeans in Faded Dark
lllloooovvveeee these!


  1. i love your new blog look, it looks great! and i love american eagle too and i'm almost 30, so you aren't alone :)

  2. love the new look! get it girl!

  3. I LOVE American Eagle too! After years of spending $100+ on jeans I finally gave in and tried on some AE jeans and LOVE them. They are perfect...and under $50!